Brand Credibility You already know people are talking about your brand on the Web, so you need to do your utmost to embrace and be a part of that conversation. What is the best mortgage product in ? We respect your privacy. These behaviors have redefined the way marketers now plan for online shoppers-causing a tremendous shift away from the way they used to plan their campaigns. A multi-location business with national coverage.

For marketers, every one of these search moments is an opportunity to help shape the decisions your customers make. But the minds at Google have introduced a new moment of truth: Click here to cancel reply. This kind of content predominantly answers questions. Now people engage in discovery before shopping on very small things. Increase the reach of your TV advertisements by posting them online.

Previously, we would have seen an advert stimulus and then moved directly to the product or service FMOT.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mobile Optimization Back in the day-uh, about 10 short years ago-marketers knew more about their products than their consumers did, and had mzot luxury of acting as the gatekeepers of brand information. The article was published by a company that produces a range of tinnitus supplements.

You can then take this framework to research the specific questions that your prospects have at each stage of this newly revised customer journey model. Staff authors are listed here. How do they search for your products or services? Businesses that do the best job of helping users in these Zero Moments of Truth will beat out the competition.


SEO & The Zero Moment of Truth

Not only did they have both bears, but they had already packaged them up and were sending them back to us in the post. It really is understanding that you must be present in a conversation when they want to have itnot when you want to. Let me give you an example: Whether you use paid ads to promote content that answers a potential customer question with a special offer at the end or you show a banner for your business with a special offer on an existing piece of content, you must think about your users.

zmot case study

Please select at least one newsletter. So optimizing company websites for mobile is a no-brainer. I will look for customer testimonials on the brand site but also on specific forums where I feel they may be more trustworthy.

Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) decision-making moment – Think with Google

What is the best dog shampoo? On the go, customers search for store locations, compare prices and cade, and call family and friends to get opinions. I will look for reviews. Patience is at an all-time low, and we can act immediately and expect to find relevant, useful content to aid us in our decision-making process.

What do we do, as marketers, to leverage this information?

SEO & The Zero Moment of Truth – Search Engine Land

In many ways, this is zmott new. There are now many more moments of truth, and dealing with the emotional needs of the customer is more important than ever over multiple touch points. Where do I buy a sled? By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Increase the reach of your TV advertisements by posting them online.


This is the moment of advocacy.

How to Make the Zero Moment of Truth Work for You

Increased customer service focusing on emotionally charged moments led to more brand loyalty and further business. Then, ensure you turn up and look good.

zmot case study

Thank you for reading! I am huge casr believer in the power of online reputation and credibility, and I talk about that a little more in my super credibility post over here.

Not only are consumers seeking information about your products, but their searches also allow you to gain srudy that helps you give them exactly what they’re looking for. What is the best HDTV? Successful marketing at ZMOT will deliver relevant information to shoppers, when the shopper wants it, to help them make purchase decisions and buy confidently.

For marketers, every one of these search moments is an opportunity to help shape the decisions your customers make.

These can all be ZMOT searches. They have a purpose, and that purpose can be to act as a stimulus.