Diamond, Andrea The career development and identity of Victorian local government chief executives: Mosek, Erez Team flow: Hede, Anne-Marie A research agenda for the study of empowerment in hospitality organisations. Burston, Mary Ann Looking for home in all the wrong places: Elderkin, Tania Retention of graduates of critical care nursing courses undertaken in Victorian regional centres between and

John, Alistair Sports City: Morris, Leanne From collegial engagement to perfomance management: Reed Wurster , Architecture , Christen Kruger , Architecture , We then derive an analytical expression which allows exact numerical calculation of the crossover fields or voltages. Burston, Mary Ann Looking for home in all the wrong places: Ball, Robyn Open adoption in Victoria, Australia:

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Kiraka, Ruth Managing Development Organisations: Dave, Rajiv I Factors affecting viability of yoghurt and probiotic bacteria in commercial starter cultures. Gamage, Nilantha Daily streamflow estimation using remote sensing data.

Bradley WardLandscape Hrysomallis, Con Biomechanical characteristics of the lower extremities of amputee versus normal subjects. Fyfe, Jackson Adaptation to Concurrent Training: Menu Coin laundry business plan malaysia today Bottled water vs tap Uni mannheim master thesis format.


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A Social Cognitive Perspective. Laing, Barry Rapture: Kidd, Jeffrey N The development and investigation of a systems model of farm tourism in Victoria.

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arxhive Fortunato, Vanda Role transitions of elite Australian rules footballers. Burston, Mary Ann Looking for home in all the wrong places: Bruscella, Ben The analysis and simulation of the spectral and statistical properties of road roughness for package performance testing.

Jackson, Kathleen Marion Expression of emotion in children from four ethnic groups and mothers’ concerns. Georgievski, Mladen Quality of service management for multimedia communications: Mathies, Veronica The treatment of animals with acupuncture. Merrett, Anna Positional related injury in elite female field hockey players. Agana, Bernard Factors required to enhance water recycling at two major Australian industrial manufacturing sites.

Arnold, Julie Tracing the rhesis in preservice teachers: Zackary JohnsonArchitecture Bruno, Franco Andrea The effects of oligosaccharides acrhive probiotic bacteria on the intestinal microflora and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus.

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Bassoo, Vandana A digital up-conversion architecture for future high efficiency wireless base stations. Elfahri, Khaled Release of bioactive peptides from milk proteins by lactobacillus species.


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A comparative investigation of pre-clausal constructions. YVO4 microchip lasers and amplifiers.

Gotlib, Ralph Australian rules football and distributive justice. James PattulloLandscape Aubke, Florian Acceptance of teaching technology in hospitality education: Kanpinit, Kachakoch Composite indicators for educational quality management for a masters degree program in educational administration in private higher education institutions in Thailand.

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Adam KingsburyThesia Lung, Sidney Mankit The impact of international migration on international trade: Marshall, Albert The sounds of culture: A performative investigation of the role of pop in contemporary art practice. Harris, Matthew Clinical thinking: Honisett, Suzy Menopause and cardiovascular, metabolic and bone parameters. Bevinakoppa, Savitridevi G Digital image compression on parallel computer architectures.