Students must carry their ID cards at all times and must present them to any university official upon request. This situation can occur in programs with heavy internship duties or near the end of the program of studies when a student is completing a thesis or dissertation, or for other reasons. This applies both before and after graduation. The Office of University Records will make the needed arrangements for access as promptly as possible and notify the student of the time and place where the records may be inspected. The Office of the University Registrar maintains the official educational records of all graduate and undergraduate students. This list of examples should not be considered exhaustive.

Introduction to the University. Students completing final required courses in spring had the degree conferred on May 23, when graduate commencement was held that year. Students are responsible for adhering to class rules and policies and are subject to penalties for violations. Official changes will be clearly stated in university policy documents. Students completing requirements in July and August will receive the September 1 completion date. The University does not tolerate academic dishonesty of any variety, whether as a result of a failure to understand proper academic and scholarly procedure or as an act of intentional dishonesty. The obligations include tuition, fees, housing charges, Campus Store balance, library fines, loan balances, parking fines, health forms, etc.

Students planning to be absent from classes due to religious observance must notify their instructors at least one week in advance, and otherwise follow university policy regarding attendance. In some cases, a student may actually be pursuing full-time studies without being enrolled formally in 9 credits.

Theses and Dissertations

In extreme and exceptional cases, on request of the student, the instructor and the appropriate college dean may authorize changes in grades which dartmkuth over one year.


Current and accurate information is important, and for some purposes mandatory for example, for international students to retain visa status.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Only after the student meets all financial obligations to UMass Dartmouth will the registration umas considered final and official. To give an example, students who completed final required courses in December had the degree conferred on January 31,as did students completing a final required course in the January Intersession.

Change of Student Information. These are values that are fundamental to the mission of this University.

New students may register after being accepted as degree candidates and after receiving academic advisement and course approval. The Registrar will enforce policies to see that transcript requests are reasonable. Former graduate students who withdrew without an approved leave of absence must apply again for admission.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Some programs automatically register new students into initial courses. Timing of a Formal Appeal. The student must be passing at the time of the request or must be sufficiently close to passing for the instructor to believe that upon completion of the work the student will pass the course. Introduction to the University.

All rules in this section and others are subject to change in accordance with existing and hereafter adopted university policies. If a student cannot graduate at the end of his or her last term because one or more courses required for graduation have incomplete grades, the student will not receive the diploma or the final transcript until after the incomplete work is made up and the professor has assigned the appropriate new grade.

Diplomas and transcripts show the date of degree conferral as in the table below. Colleges, Departments, and Programs.

Course Credits and Levels. If there is no notation, regulations are in effect as of the date of the catalogue. Students may inspect and review their educational records upon request to the Office of University Records.


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Department of Education, Washington, DC concerning alleged failures by the university to comply with the Act. They may request permission to have that newer catalogue apply to them; in such cases, however, they shall then adopt all requirements from the newer catalogue.

This definition of academic dishonesty applies to information submitted in other forms besides paper. Grade Appeal is a last resort.

umass dartmouth thesis guidelines

Only level courses in which the student receives a grade of B not B- or better may be accepted toward degree requirements. At any time during the year, lost or damaged ID cards may be replaced, for a fee. A student found guilty of academic dishonesty is subject to severe disciplinary action which may include expulsion from the University.

A grade appeal will be pursued only if there is a valid basis and evidence. Search Courses by Department.

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Indicates satisfactory completion of course requirements. This grade is used when students continue their work on a graduate thesis, project, or dissertation beyond one semester.

Grades applied in a graduate course such as thesis, project, or dissertation that does not assign letter grades of A-F, and that is so identified in the course description.

Those who must interrupt progress toward their degrees should seek formal leave of absence.