Leave this field blank. If you selected other, please explain: In general MA programs are shit. These are things, I believe, you can do without straying from your own goals. Therefore, I think it would be a great terminal program if you want to pursue your education in a top-ranked university. Has your situation turned any better?

If you have a funded offer to go elsewhere, I consider that. And I cannot stress enough that it is completely how much you put into it: I’ve never had issues trying to find relevant classes to take and I’m seriously upset that such a “great” school doesn’t offer anything relevant to my areas of research. We’re not allowed to take foreign languages even if it’s for research purposes. But if you are interested in an MA and the program offers what you want, it is definitely worth an application.

How are doing those students interested in economics or political science?

uchicgo During orientation they told us that most of us will be too burnt out to consider continuing on for a PhD. I was nearly mugged this quarter and watched a man get beaten up for his wallet.

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In ucchicago of gear you 39;ll want some pencils, a pad of paperand a winter jacket. Answered Mar 11, Did you involve yourself in extracurriculars at all?


Leave this field blank. Is it worth even considering if it’s my only offer and I can’t get more funding? It has its positives and its negatives.

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I have mostly talked about how it relates to extended graduate school careers, but many come to the program for a quick MA from a good school. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

For me, I paid to have access to excellent professors and prep me for grad a PhD and my envisioned career path.

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I really did not expect any sort of offer from Chicago, and was reluctant ucgicago even apply because of how competitive it is. I also, almost always, completed problem sets as part of a group. If you have a funded offer to go elsewhere, I consider that. I just sent a PM to someone with this uchhicago, but figured for the common good–and to correct some of the statements on GradCafe from memories of my own thinking about whether to attend–I should add to this forum.

Posted January 14, Purdue is a good school, but is it great? Course offerings have been abysmal.

uchicago mapss thesis

I wrote a blog post about this a few months ago,the following answer is taken from that blog post. Some recent titles include:. If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to contact me. Preferred method of contact: Some recent titles include: An hour commute uchicgo me from the stress and ucjicago of coursework, writing a thesis, intense classroom debate, etc was very necessary.


This controversial new search engine reveals so much more than ‘googling’. Does anyone have advice?

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Take that however you will, ha. And I cannot stress enough that it is completely how much you put into it: They came to MAPSS with better training, had written better undergraduate theses and were way better read than me.

Cannot recommend this program to anyone. What is it like to study at the University of Chicago? Share this post Link to post Share on other uchiago. It was my first time working with a low level programming language like R and the syntactical sugar of Latex was a fun challenge htesis work at.

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