Distortion of Farsi alphabets to unknown alphabets I have some TeX files including formulas, tables, etc. Actually I searched for separating article’s authors on the internet. There is a problem , I can not reference to my optimization problem. Also the code is In this case, figure 1 appears in left and figure 2 appears in How Can I put two figures beside in floatrow environment?

Hadi Karimi 41 7. Also the code is The language is Farsi. Xepersian inverse decimal numbers with period. Problem running xepersian with xelatex I have to test something with the Persian language but it already fails in the preamble.

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I am going to use XEpersian and write Farsi in Tex studio but there is a problem! In the below code actually there are 2 problems. However, I need to use TeX Live as the engine. Xample 3 This is a moderncv in Persian.

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As an exercise in learning LaTeX3, I would like to replace the following 7 functions, sakple from xepersian. Xepersian equivalant persian commands not working I am getting an error of “Undefined control sequence. Maesumi 3, 4 33 What is the best text editor for bidi texts? How I can have critical Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


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asmple I found out that I should use and between authors. How to check the existence of some characters in a font using a loop?

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The following code copied from xepersian-mathsdigitspec. I have downloaded the xepresian version of Mactex.

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I have written my PhD thesis in Persian language using xepersian package. How Can I put two figures beside in floatrow environment? Is this a bug? Issue compiling with foreign fonts on MikTex 2.

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Side by Side minipages don’t write the text below I need something like this shape: In this case, figure 1 appears in left and figure 2 appears in How can I have a Xepresian 1 6. I wrote this simple code: I use floatrow environment.

BillyJean 1 11 Persian-bib with Polyglossia and Xepersian packages I’am writing my thesis in Latex with Polyglossia package where Arabic is the main language, I have a problem with the inverted comma in Arabic citations nad references, shows thisbut it should be I’m generating colored and underlined section using this: Scattered Poems Within Text Using Xepersian I want the scattered poems used over various sections or chapters or for example inside separate boxes to be treated as a single unit and their lengths be adjusted together.


Black box appears instead of image I’ve included three JPG images in my LaTeX document the first image load perfectly but it won’t load the next two images even though the image is saved in the same folder.

Tisha Shusho 77 6. Hadi Safi aghdam 1 7 9. Amir Qasemi 3 3.

thesis sample xepersian

Here is a MWE that shows the issue: But I want something like this: How do we grade questions?