I will let you to try and decide upon by yourself. Tables and figures should support and aid your report, and should only contain the summary of the data. Paragraph format is preferred over point-form format. References All references cited in the text should be recorded. The maximum number of key words is FIVE 5 only. Limitations if any and recommendations where relevant can also be discussed.

The subsequent pages should be written using Times New Roman, font size Geographic pattern of genetic variation in Pinus resinosa: Do not present all your statistical analyses. The publication year of the article 3. Moaaz Elhag Ali email address in the. Pagination- The page numbers should be printed 25 mm from bottom edge and placed in the center. Retrieved March 21, , from http:

A little more information about Overleaf after the tbesis and disclaimer Disclaimer: Interpret your results in sentence form and expand it with simple and meaningful figures numbers.

thesis format unimas

Literature Review This section should be devoted to the critical and relevant review of literature related to the studies. A computer crash commonly occurs when a hardware exception occurs that cannot be handled. Margin A4 size papers: Itemsshould be written using Times New Roman font size 12 Bold ; item 3 should be written using Times New Roman with font size 9.

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In a recent finding the expression of human kDa Myosin Light Chain MLC-2 gene was found to be down-regulated in the tumour colon tissue compared to the normal colon tissue.


Students should use this section to strengthen the tgesis of the study so that the inimas will have enough knowledge to understand the research project. It, in fact, should be an updated version of the Literature Review section of the proposal. Another nice thing is the commenting facility. Introduction This section should focus on the brief introduction of the research emphasizing on the reasoning of the problem. Tiada pemotongan yang abnormal yang diperolehi antara dua vormat usus besar normal dan tumor.

So I found no problem writing my Chapter 1 in a Fedora system and then shared it with my supervisor in a Windows system.

For tables, a caption should be written at the tnesis of the table while for figures a caption should be written at the bottom of the figure. Skip to main content.

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Download here for,at, or get it from bitbucket. Retrieved July 24,from http: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Statements or methods by previous researchers whose authenticity have been acknowledged must be cited.

thesis format unimas

My computer actually crashed this is incurrently in — it does not crash but it will run in slow motion: For simple documents, you can save time by writing in Word or Open Office. Except for direct quotations, all statements or arguments taken from literature must be paraphrased.


Bario, the Kelabit Highland of Sarawak pp.

Thesis Format

The objectives of the research also should be included in this part. The digestion yielded no abnormal cleavage of the MLC-2 gene fragment between tumour and normal colon samples.

Excellent write-up from external links. Quality — This is my personal belief and maybe few others, I feel thezis documents produced using LaTex looks better and more professional compared to Word, especially if it involved mathematical equations and algorithms.

Headings should also be in Title format with lower case for conjunctions. One nice thing about Overleaf is the rich text mode — which hides most L a T e X stuff from collaborators who are not familiar with it. This also lead to more organizable and manageable documents. Tables and figures should support and aid your report, and should only contain the summary of the data. Click here to sign up. Unimas logo is not required in the front page of the project report.

Abstract refer to Appendix B The abstract must be written in English followed by the Bahasa Malaysia translation written in italic. This waste my effort and time. Alignment- all text in the report should be in full alignment justified alignment.