Casey Katims ’10 at work in his library thesis carrel. Seeing the lightbulbs going off in their heads is incredibly rewarding to me. This exhibit, part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage’s “Women of the Hudson Valley” exhibit, highlights selected materials that focuses on the partnership between Lucy Maynard Salmon and Adelaide Underhill, two important women in the early years of Vassar College, and the way that their relationship informed, shaped and sustained their work and their lives. Your email address will not be published. The Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archives provides access to a wide range of newspapers published by Vassar College students from present.

After a series of financial setbacks and relocations, the Anthony family settled in Rochester, New York, where Susan B. It has worked well. Using click-on-diagram questions to identify geoscience misconceptions Drs. I also really love supervising senior theses and other independent projects when students get to learn about all the steps involved in the research process and take ownership of their own little chunk of the advancement of knowledge. I was initially fairly introverted, but found myself soon spending countless hours in the welcoming Jewett common rooms. The Student Letters collection contains letters from Vassar students primarily during the nineteenth century. These are the memories I will cherish most.

But people like Van Demark and other Clark Fellowship recipients are doing their part to fill in the gap.

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Teach the Earth the portal for Earth Education. The senior thesis is an important academic rite of passage, and for good reason: Unexpected change strikes again! Reuse Citing and Terms of Use Material on this page is offered under a Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted below. Also, as I mentioned before, I’m involved in a lot of committee service because I care about my campus.


Some Thoughts on Teaching: An Interview with James H. Merrell

With the fields of Native American history and early American history growing at such a clip, I sometimes feel that I fall farther and farther behind by the day.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work? I highly recommend taking advantage of htesis opportunities. Van Demark was well prepared.

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By the end of sophomore year, I found out what I was made of in more demanding classes and the chance for expression in everything from tap dance to clarinet in orchestra and saxophone in jazz. The example Doug cited, which if memory serves came from his mentor, Michael Kammen, was something like: Rather, I am still the same flower, but a small bud does not look the same as a blossom. You are commenting using your Google account. Thanks, Rachel, for careel the questions, and thanks, Mr.

I expected to change after my first year at Vassar. The collection of Vassar College song books consist of nine books published between Students vasssr Florence Wislocki, ; Frances M.

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They first appeared in the 15 th century, and helped early printers establish their businesses and protect their work in what was still an emerging and precarious field. The past Fellowship recipient reports echo this tone of gratitude. These are thesls memories I will cherish most.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yet, the most memorable moments are in the everyday: Not to mention other important learning points. As for exams in general, as with so much of my teaching, my views can be traced back to Doug Greenberg, who taught me early American history at Lawrence a lifetime ago. Everyone in the class gets three Grace Days per semester.

thesis carrel vassar

Many of the topics researched by these Vassar students can be complex, gritty and surprising—and previously unexamined by other historians. How did you end up at Vassar, and how do you manage being surrounded by Yankee fans, given your Minnesota roots? We create collections using both existing digital material and by converting analog materials, including textual materials, print photographs, audio, and more. Students love this feature, needless to say.

Hannah Van Demark is the most recent recipient of the Clark Fellowship. Even twenty-something years later I remember enjoying his class and he lived in our dormitory. My own thesis in English considers the relationship between poetics, new physics, and consciousness. What parts of teaching do you still find difficult?

Hide Caption Educators at work. I have the weekend count as one day, so if that paper due Thursday came in on Monday, it would count as having used two Grace Days.