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Please copy these numbers required:. Also, I put 62 twice. During the first lesson, Mario asks Rosalina to bring flash cards, but Jeffy keeps screaming at the animal pictures on the cards. Jeffy spends his first Easter with Mario and Rosalina! Jeffy pronounces it as “fwog”, and claims Mario knows what he is saying repeatedly before telling to bring out the next card. For easier future searches, put a username. The next lesson is how to count to ten, and Mario gets reluctantly annoyed by Jeffy repeatedly saying the object on the cards.

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supermariologan jeffy homework

So have fun and enjoy life: If you can’t see the worst character on 0, it’s Zombie from Minecraft. This website is just a place of fun. Mario and Rosalina are watching Star Wars: Our website requires JavaScript to work.

supermariologan jeffy homework

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SML Movie: Jeffy’s Homework!

Retrieved from ” http: Our website requires JavaScript to work. Jeffy says there are two bomework 0s who don’t love each other so the answer is 2, and a stressed out Mario starts an argument with him.

He also claims we’ve created “Jeffy’s Law of Subtraction”, where in an equation if there is a top number that’s big and we’re subtracting from it, it’s always going to be the top number because the bottom supermatiologan is gone, thus concluding in the whole world presumably believing in Jeffy’s reasoning.

Mario’s response is to try and shoot himself, but Rosalina yells at him to stop. Please Like and Subscribe!

Rosalina then shows him a “giraffe” card, and Jeffy reads it as “gi- de -raffe”, but Mario tries to tell him the correct pronounciation and Jeffy says his pronounciation in response, each time saying it slower with his head closer to Mario’s. Mario tries to teach him the correct pronounciation but Jeffy keeps saying Y. Mario at first becomes infuriated and tries to commit suicide to prevent being stressed, but he reluctantly agrees after he tells Rosalina.

Mario says there is one more lesson to teach, and that’s “at least one sport”. This website is just a place of fun.

Jeffy’s Homework!

Your browser does homewoek support JavaScript! Mario decides to use a whiteboard instead, and he gets tired after Rosalina starts to educate Jeffy. And if you can’t see who is on 0.


Mario tells him to try again, and Jeffy comes up with “baby 2”, homeworkk tells that how he got it is that there’s a mommy 2 and a daddy 2, and they had a baby 2. The Force Awakens, but Jeffy irritates Mario with his cat piano. No Yes A pre-loading function will be automatically applied.

Please activate JavaScript visit this website to help you and reload the page. Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Homework! Download video – get video youtube

Leave a comment 4 characters max. While Jeffy is doing the exam, Supermarioloban tells Mario he’s “concentrating”, and Mario starts beating his own butt on Jeffy’s piano as the word obviously means the exact opposite of what she said. There is then a jump cut to Jeffy colouring a bug picture, making a mess with the bigger one, and Mario becomes so frustrated he just keeps his cool and passes the mess off as practicing.

Mario tries to reply back with the actual answer, but Goodman claims that Jeffy is a genius. Comments are owned by the Poster.