Abraham has been doling out that advice to doctoral students for over 25 years. Since its founding in , the program has supported more than 1, scholars who have attended institutions in 31 states. Blog post May 13, Dr. Nanette, a DSP graduate, sat down with her daughter Alyssa to share their experiences with mentorship. Publication October 12, October 16 pages 18E

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Types of Awards

Be sure to visit each page to determine the type of award you should apply for, if your institution is participating, and if you are eligible to apply.

Skip to main content Skip to site navigation. Commands Help Log in. Mentoring and advocacy for scholars is crucial, and support continues into early careers as graduates become faculty members. Blog post April 23, Grad Logic blog. Another doctoral students are now working on a Ph.

sreb dissertation award

Boylan has been responsible for the attendance of more than 1, Sloan scholars at the Institute and leads the design of a number of sessions at the event. Doctoral Scholars Program Overview July 14, Post October 16, Fashaad Crawford is the associate vice provost for assessment and accreditation at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.


See if you are eligible. The interview with Dr. Find Data or Policy by: Post March 13, Blog post May 13, Dr.

sreb dissertation award

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Nationwide, about 5 percent of faculty are African-American, about 3 percent are Hispanic and about 1 percent are Native American.

Scholars are funded in part by these states. Who stands at the front of the room matters.

News July 28, Types of Awards Overview July 15, Log in E-mail or username: Institutional award selections are determined at the university level — not by SREB. Publication June 27, June 1 page.

For New Applicants

Each recipient also is awarded up to five years of university-covered tuition and fees unless the institution prohibits a fee waiver. Nearly three out of four graduates of the program are teaching in college classrooms, in 43 states and counting. Blog post October 23, Dr. Twenty-five years ago, the South was graduating so few Ph. It also covers expenses associated with attending the annual Compact for Faculty Diversity Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. One pair discussed their struggles with isolationism and impostor syndrome; another spoke of the impact their research has had on their development not just as students, but as individuals who care deeply about the people they are serving.


Am I Eligible? – Southern Regional Education Board

Overview July 15, Post November 13, Skip to main content Skip to site navigation. Application is only available online. Below you will find information that will dissertatjon you in the application process.

If you are interested in being a funded doctoral or dissertation scholar and your institution is listed below, email monique.