The Last of the Starks. As for Southron Ambitions: Join John and SeannieWan as they metaphorically tear the roof off the son of a bitch that is the Stark Men! Only Tyrell was true to Aerys, but Mace Tyrell didn’t take a terribly big risk by taking a huge part of his host to Storm’s End and sitting there. The opposite in fact.

If the Lords Stark, Tully, Arryn, and Baratheon could bring the Lannister patriarch into their conspiracy, they would be a mighty force indeed. We got a hint of this when Catelyn Stark began negotiations with Renly Baratheon over a proposed alliance. They are the embodiment of all of these things in their minds. View all Comics Sites. Whenever we are weakest and most vulnerable, there they are. Let’s react to the official trailer for Game of Thrones season 7! Game o f Thr o nes.

Mace Tyrell wed Alerie Hightower.


That’s a pretty big concession from someone vying for the Iron Throne. Tywin would have been a better king than both Aerys and Robert. Brandon strangled edsay trying to get to the sword and save his father.

southron ambitions essay

The North is the only region where the First Men are the main ethnic group. The various lords might be more and more reluctant to employ maesters who may be seen as the creatures of Oldtown, not as an institution of the united Realm. There is going to be no law without a central authority, nor is the Citadel going to have influence over all the Seven Kingdoms if the Citadel is just going to be the university of Oldtown and the Reach again. Northmen are generally straightforward.


Or did they become acquainted some time later? Which is precisely what Cressen does when confronted with Melisandre. It does seem reasonable that lords would try to link up with other Great Essag to boost their own power, which would create a web of alliances and unions. Hoster, Jon, and Robert didn’t rule over unified regions, but ambitons had powerful bannermen who were loyal to the king above them.

Southron Ambitions ~ Tower of the Hand

It is the exact opposite of that. All information from anything beyond your scope will be hidden automatically.

Religion is a massively big factor, one only need to look at our history to see why. There are no purely good guys here. Hoster would have been pissed off about that and was allready a enemy of the king.

(Spoilers All) Southron ambitions seems incompatible with Northern culture. : asoiaf

Robert’s Rebellion was perfectly packaged in terms of offering an alternative to the realm. You can follow along with Stefan’s reread of A Dance with Dragonsor read more of his work at Geschichtsblog and Oeffinger Freidenker.

But one question remains unanswered still: The war was just one factor that brought them together and sort of lubricated heh the relationships. Instead he waits and his actions are more consistent with a shrewd leader than partner in crime.

Want to add to the discussion? My last post dealt with the ramifications of the War of the Ninepenny Kings and the changes in behavior it ushered in several of the big Westorosi Houses. Southron Ambitions is both true and untrue.


southron ambitions essay

Probably not but a marriage to a prestigious House that also makes you stronger would be illogical to pass up. Hoster Tully, for example, wed Minisa Whent. Switch View Show Spoilers Share this: And the works much better with the Iron Throne than without it. We’ve seen Maester Luwin and Maester Cressen do this.

We know that Ned and Jon Southdon are blamed by Robert for making him king. Since Elbert Arryn was a constant sothron of Brandon Stark, without us ever knowing why, the theory gains even more ground.

Idiot’s Guide to Southron Ambitions, P.1

It’s unlikely that they had a change of dynasties in mind; that turn of events esswy Aerys’ doing when he killed Rickard and Brandon and demanded Robert and Eddard. And it is very difficult to create a coherent motivational setting for all the characters who are supposedly involved in that – most notably their reason of doing that. It drove the stakes higher than anyone imagined before.

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