Students with the most creative tiles will be awarded with prizes and their tiles will be put on display at ARMS for a specified period! There are more like Mr Lim now. For instance, the proposed Dawei Port Development Project in Myanmar provides a cost-efficient commercial gateway to Asia, reducing dependency on the congested Straits of Malacca. Join the adventure and be inspired by quotes, fun facts and challenges of Singapore. With a limited domestic market, there is a greater need for joint governmental engagements in public-private partnerships and establishing more Free Trade Agreements and Investment Guarantee Agreements with emerging markets to sustain its economic growth. Chat with us now!

See what our youths and children think about Singapore 50 years on and learn more about what can impact on Singapore along the way. The exhibition was launched on September at ION. With improving educational profile, more Singaporeans will aspire to become professionals, managers, and executives PMEs and take on skilled jobs as technicians and associate professionals TAP. Because together, we are the anthem. From the entries in the compilation book, readers would be able to appreciate the creativity of the students and feel their love for Singapore. This exhibition includes personal stories, fun facts and interactives. Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “The Dream Journal” was an initiative that aimed to connect Singaporeans with their dreams by featuring photos of students, which symbolise youth and dreams, as well as images of Singapore, which reflect our aspirations.

Building a sustainable future for Singapore — an essay for SG50 theonlinecitizen Community. Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “50 years of Singapore Tamil Theatre” is a five-part video series featuring theatre veterans and its aspiration to generate exposure for students to experience the good old days of Tamil theatre.

Realising that its electoral problems stemmed in part from increasingly embarrassing attempts to regulate discourse, the government accepted the fact that the free exchange of ideas — and the ideological conflicts that ensue — is unavoidable in this age.

Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, Titoudao is a multi-lingual musical performance about a Hokkien street opera actress’ arduous journey from a nobody to the well-known and popular actress that she is today, portraying her determination and perseverance.

It also explores the hidden landscapes of our future in a future simulation theatre. These 20 short animated webisodes will cover all things quirky and peculiar about Singaporean life. All this might not have been possible without the general election, at which the ruling party retained parliamentary majority but received less than half of the vote.


Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Zg50, Dicapella organised a bamboo flute dizi outdoor performance involving 50 musicians playing 50 minutes of non-stop music, including classic Singaporean oldies and ethnic numbers such as Chan Mali Chan. Adopting such innovative urban planning and exploiting DT will provide Singaporeans with a conducive environment to work, live, play, strengthen competihion bonding and promote active ageing.

Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “50 on 50” is a showcase opportunity for cutting edge local talent through a series of 10 webisodes that explore different aspects of the Singaporean identity.

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I am very heartened that the submissions were of very good quality and high standards, and the credit should also go towards the Chinese language teachers who have spent time teaching and guiding the students. Given these trends, Singapore must look ahead to create an inclusive growth through adopting the 3Rs strategy — Re-calibrating, Reaffirming and Refreshing.

Copyright – The Online Citizen The event involved local residents and community representatives across all ages, races and estates.

sg50 essay competition

Moreover, globalization has created greater diversity within our society and led to new social challenges for Singapore. Most jobs are in the service sectors and in the arts, music, sports, science, technology and academia. Through these mini-challenges, students will be inspired by what makes Singapore tick and aspire to contribute to our future. Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “Under One Roof” is a carnival with the objective of bringing back the Kampong Spirit — encourage bonding amongst the different racial and religious groups and to appreciate the diverse culture eseay Singapore.

Moreover, there is a shift in social expectations today with more young graduates demanding work-life balance and pursuing their passions.

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Thanks to educational reforms and redoubled efforts in funding a nascent community of tech start-ups, Singapore was able to capitalize on this trend. Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, My Singapore Food MSF aims to inspire all Singaporeans to pass down their long forgotten recipes to future generations via a customised website, so as to retain and preserve the nostalgic taste of home cooked food.

Compeition will also be a tribute eg50 the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Read More “Educity” is an interactive website created by the first runner-up of IDA’s SG50 Data Visualisation Challenge, which seeks to visualise the educational milestones in Singapore, along with an interactive visualization on the recipients of the PSC Scholarships.


Competitiin that, students will participate in esssy tile-painting competition based on how their aspirations for the Singapore Army and how their aspirations can be achieved. Read More Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “National Senior Volunteer Month ” that aims to provide opportunities for seniors to serve the community with their talent and experience through purpose-driven volunteerism.

On the other hand, corporate boardrooms, government ministries and Parliament now are proportionally filled with women. The Monsoons Book Club is a non-profit-making association of concerned individuals interested in books and ideas relevant to the social, political and economic progress in the South East Asian.

Singapore’s Second Age – an essay for SG50 – The Online Citizen

Each child observes the Big Bang, the formation of stars, and picks one to ride on while points of light pull away from them as the universe itself expands. The artists will each paint a section of the Merlion, which will then be joined together to form a painting that will be printed onto SG50 commemorative postcards. Because together, we are the anthem.

Supported by the SG50 Celebration Fund, “The Singapore Dream” aims to collect 5, copmetition made by Singaporeans to create the largest collage comletition dreamboards in the world, so as to unite the nation based on our collective aspirations. See what ccompetition youths and children think about Singapore 50 years on and learn more about what can impact on Singapore along the way.

sg50 essay competition

The project will approach members of the public for a portrait shoot and ask them about their perceptions of Singapore. Students with the most creative tiles will be awarded with prizes and their tiles will be put on display at ARMS for a specified period! Singaporean students got better at the verbal give and take of argument, whether online or off, and developed the social, intellectual and cultural self-confidence to take on a cosmopolitan adult world.

A series of photographs were “stitched” together to create a large family portrait. SG50 Programme O https: