Sam published a set of papers on speech and signal analysis, particularly using factorial HMM and hierarchical models. Citation Roweis, Sam T. We worked closely for many years, we learned together, taught together and grew up academically together. Combined with contagious enthusiasm, this made him an unusually gifted teacher and speaker. Sam’s stay at Google, and the success of his computational astronomy work, had renewed his interest in academic research. I knew Sam as a teacher and a mentor as an undergraduate at Toronto. I still use his linear algebra and Gaussian distribution notes as references in my classes.

We will all miss him. He was one of the most gifted educators I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and as his peers here well know, his research record is one of distinction. As someone who is intimately familiar with this field, working in it myself, I understand both the joys and intense pressures that come with being in academia. My condolance to his family. Given points in a high-dimensional space, local geometric relations among groups of nearby data points capture both local and global structure in the whole data set. While at MIT and upon his return to Toronto, he focused on using machine learning and statistical methods to contribute to other sciences, such as astronomy and biology.

It spurred an entire new sub-field of machine learning, called manifold learning, and gathered a considerable amount of interest from other technical fields, including applied mathematics. To say that I am heart broken is not rowes enough. He was appointed to a Canadian Research Chair in statistical machine learning, and received a Sloan research followship in I wish I met you Sam.

sam roweis thesis

Hhesis am just a student of Machine Learning from Indonesia. He was always a good person to have in the group meetings, both because of his general optimistic influence and because of his sharp insights. He was one of the most gifted educators I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and as his peers here well know, his research record is one of distinction. He also realized that Sm Components Analysis PCA could be re-interpreted as the limit of a probabilistic model.


Thank you for the site, and thank you for your thoughtful remarks about Sam Roweis. His passing leaves many open threads, and many projects unfinished; at the time of his death he was working on beautiful, simple, but game-changing ideas for astronomical data analysis and remote sensing.

The LLE paper, published in Science inrevolutionized the field of dimensionality reduction, and gathered over citations in less than 10 years. I just watched on videolectures. In the case of human speech perception and production, the models in question are called articulatory models and relate the movements of a talker’s mouth to the sequence of sounds produced.

John, thank you for your post.

Hogg’s Research: Lang thesis

Sam was supposed to outlive and outshine us all and we were supposed to stand behind him and cheer and now everything has gone so wrong. You and your family are in my heart and prayers.

sam roweis thesis

He will be very missed. Let us be angry that we have been robbed of more years.

Data driven production models for speech processing

I knew Sam as a friend, in fact as a friend of a friend through Sara. You are rlweis our hearts and prayers. There was so much positive energy and enthusiasm in his talks, I cannot bring myself to believe this… My thoughts rowis prayers are with his family.

This dissertation presents a series of experiments which investigate articulatory speech processing using real speech production data from a database containing simultaneous audio and mouth movement recordings. I was with him when his mom died, also tragically young, from leukemia.


sam roweis thesis

Despite his hectic schedule his door was always open to a wayward student seeking advice, academic or personal. These inferred states can then be used as inputs to a pattern recognition or pattern completion module.

I also describe an inversion algorithm which estimates movements from an acoustic signal Finally, I demonstrate the use of articulatory movements, both true and recovered, in a simple speech recognition task, showing the rroweis of doing true articulatory speech recognition in artificial systems. He realized that non-linear dynamical systems could be learned using the Expectation-Maximization EM algorithm. He will be deeply missed.

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His enthusiasm was infectious, his facility with mathematics unmatched. Sam Roweis’s home page and publications. When Meredith took a job at Genentech in San Francisco, Sam took an opportunity to have a more direct impact on the world by joining Google’s research labs in San Francisco and Mountain View in And yet your life is full of joyful times, too.

This is shocking news to me. Combined with contagious enthusiasm, this made him an unusually gifted teacher and speaker. My deepest condolences to his family. A memorial site has now been set up for Sam, to share memories of him and to celebrate his life. Most of all, we express our deepest sympathy to his wife Meredith, his twin baby daughters Aya and Orli, and his father Shoukry.