After gathering the required items, the Biology Professor will conduct a lecture about the items you collected. If you’re assigned to the History Professor, exit the room and head to the room at the end of the hall. The professor you will be assigned to will depend on the results of your previous tests. Napalm Beat lvl 4 He will randomly ask for each set of items. Choose the item that is not an ingredient for Blue Dyestuffs. The Biology Professor and the Biology Class.

If you were assigned to the Physics Professor, head outside then north to the smallest island in Juno , Meet the Physics Professor. Which monster does not drop Yggdrasil Leaf? Magic with wind property is strong against water Magic with earth property is strong against wind However, that does not work on the opposite case. If the Sage uses Hindsight skill, it will always drop the highest level bolt that the Sage has learn in the respective bolt skill. At this part, you don’t need to choose the options in order to write the essay.

Javascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at thesiis on the googleapis. After giving the stones to the Physics Professor, he will give you three 3 elemental stones.

Which item is not sold by the Gift Merchant in Prontera? Choose the God of Crusaders. There are 3 different sets of questions, here are the questions and answers for references: It offers the highest mATk of all non-trans staffs and is only 1-handed, so the Sage can also wear a shield with it for damage reduction.


To provide a better website experience, levelskip. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. It is located on the same island right next to the Magician Academy.

Choose skill that is irrelevant to learning Maximize Ragnarpk, the Blacksmith skill. He will then ask you to perform the final task—writing your thesis!

sage thesis ragnarok

Answer Question Set 2. Choose the correct SP consumption and the skill duration for Improve Concentration lvl 5 Archer skill.

Go to find Kayron Grig at juno magic academy to submit application. The giant snake 2: Ragnarok Quests and Guides:. This will allow you to win this round. To start the lecture, he will ask you to bring him 30 stones as part of the class materials. After that, train to rsgnarok lvl 10 and go to geffen to change to mage.

Ragnarok Online: Sage Job Change Quest Guide

When you are done, your next test will be given by Professor Hermes. Answer Question Set 1. The Magician’s Academy is located at the northeast corner Choose the abnormal status that cannot be cured by Tthesis Potion. Complete one set and you will be able to proceed to the next test. Once you become a Sage, a universe of infinite magic and information awaits.


Each question worth 5 points.

sage thesis ragnarok

Napalm Beat lvl 4 Again, there are three possible sets of items for you to gather. Which class cannot equip a Saint Robe? Choose the monster that is different sized.

How to Change to Sage in Ragnarok Online (with Pictures) – wikiHow

A Mage class, for example, can level up to either a Wizard or Sage class. You must be a Mage at job level 40 or higher in order to start the quest. Choose the class that cannot equip Saint Robe Thief.

For the Physics Class, your first task is to collect thirty 30 stones as part of the class materials. This is the hardest of all the test above, look for Sapien Lylees and he will give you three topics of test. Again, there are 3 possible sets, see the list above for more thesix.

sage thesis ragnarok

Choose the monster that is a different type than the others.