Hmmm… no offense intended, Joe. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. It is better to resolve things than to lose more lives. USSR breakdown back into Russia and the soviet component nations comes to mind, is not new. Is this the main idea why we have news? Mercedes, Agree to disagree. Or so I hope.

Bible Book List Hardcover Retail: But what can you say? Last time I heard about him was his trip here in Chicago to promote his book. Because I am a finger-pointer myself — and I am very inclined right now to point the finger at culture and religion. Senior Police Officer 1 Lover L.

PNP General Espina actually impressed me, his concern for his men seemed sincere. MLK, say people fail to get along because they fear each other.

SAF 44 Reflection

That is the investigation that should take place. Of course Aquino is not really a strong leader, he never was.

I still have to see Ayala, Ongpin and Americans subpoenaed to get clearer picture. What does the Philippine economy thrive on today?

saf 44 essay tagalog

That kind of thinking does exist in many parts of Europe, you are right, especially in those countries that were on the losing end of European power struggles. Political Corruption Essay Topics. February 15, at 8: A Filipino officer once told me that when push comes to shove, for example in a coup situation, the main loyalty of the Filipino soldier is to his commanding officer.


They are looked down by their peers and their own community considers them as unwise for not taking advantage of the opportinities presented them. As they say, there is no coordination from the side of the government to inform them about tagalot.

The faces of the #SAF44

Is it any wonder we are the maids and lackeys of the world? A friend wrote on Facebook: Even if they know that the wealth of their future compadre came from illegal means they sac overlook the fact and are even proud to be compadres just because they are rich. Ever saw pictures of shoplifters in Philippine stores: They also covered their badges with black ribbons and wore black armbands.

Bro, you and your troops are more than conquerors! Who knows why it happened. They felt it would endanger the mission, and they had something to prove. Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center. Also, he has worked to set up and use metrics for performance measurement for the cabinet agencies. Pages with reference errors Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters Eseay pahina na may sirang mga kawing ng talaksan. Legislators argue intellectual constructs such as sovereignty to advance their political aims.


Mamasapano: who was at fault, and why | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

She had no idea it would be their last. The latest posting maybe tomorrow.

saf 44 essay tagalog

He chronicled his life with photographs — his journey from cadet to senior inspector, his neatly folded rssay and his polished boots, the awards he won at the PNP-SAF Challenge February 16, at 9: Police Officer 1 Angel C. Maybe they felt emboldened and were in high spirits after the Popes visit.

Just to complete the coconut trajectory, our archipelagic culture can aim for an Italian denouement or a Zionist one to accommodate our fast secularizing Judaeo-Christian Malay provenance! Ayaw niyang mamatay sa kung saan lang. I am the captain of my soul. We follow the voice of authority — whether that voice is politician, pedagogue or priest.

saf 44 essay tagalog

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