When you study Euroculture, you study at at least two different European universities. Send Meike an e-mail! Prospective students may still request an interview, provided they do so within 15 working days. This passion led me to enroll in the English Language and Culture programme here at the University of Groningen. Euroculture offers this deep and interdisciplinary understanding of Europe and the European Union, from various perspectives — from history, to political science, to international relations, and cultural studies. I think the approach in which citizens and culture, instead of structures and models, form the central point of attention and reflection stands out.

A good illustration of how Euroculture relates to the work I do now is that the people whose research I studied as a student are now the very people I work with or encounter at meetings around Europe. I especially enjoy that professors are very accessible to students. In your fourth and final semester, you focus on writing your thesis. Student with a non-Dutch degree Deadline for non-EU students: Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. To be, or not to be at risk Thesis Annemarie Oosting Programming of adult metabolic health by dietary lipids in early life Thesis Carolien Out Gut microbiota and nuclear receptors in bile acid and lipid metabolism:

The deadline for scholarship applications is 1 December.

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Renske van der Wal University of Groningen with her Master thesis: I partake in a yearclub via student association Dizkartes and in my free time I like to write or watch classic movies. The international staff of Euroculture hold doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines, such as history, cultural studies, political science, European law, European studies and international relations. The Faculty of Spatial Sciences would also like to receive a paper copy of the Master thesis.


In your fourth and final semester, you focus on writing your thesis. Janny de Jong Department of History.

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The programme concentrates on different aspects of the English language and and on literature written in English: Herta Macht Thesis Prize Our staff members run or participate in a number of international research projects, including the Language Attrition project and the Hakluyt Editorial Project. If the experts prefer to keep their letters of recommendation confidential, they can also send their letter directly to Nadja Zadorina n.

As a graduate, you can find a career in government, cultural organisations, tourism, PR and communications, publishing or consultancy firms. The Euroculturer was established in June by an initiative of a current Euroculture student with three founding vision, to contribute, to connect, and to grow.

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This is a provisional decision only. I came to live and study in Groningen in Februaryand have never regretted my decision.

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Elucidating the mechanisms of action of short-chain fatty acids: I believe that without the Eurocompetence classes, I could have not written a solid project proposal. Janny de Jong Director of Studies Email: Some degree programmes use a tutoring system; please check with your study advisor. Konstantinos Gourzis Radboud Thseis Nijmegen with his thesis: The Admissions Board will assess the written documentation and determine whether the prospective student can be admitted directly to the programme.

Cystic fibrosis liver disease and the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids. After the BA degree, many students pursue one of the two MA programmes we offer: To me, the city of Groningen has just the right size, it is not too small, tyesis also not too big — you can get basically anywhere by bike!


In the first year of the BA in English Language and Culture you will read a broad range of literary texts and you will learn about English as a language.

The Bachelor’s programme in English is highly regarded and very varied Read more. Euroculture prepares rgu for professions and research careers where knowledge of contemporary Europe and the European Union institutions are of relevance. Before we met, historian and philosopher Philipp Blom was told that he would be interviewed about his work and mission.

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Exploring Gentrification through Foursquare Activity. Are you a Dutch student planning to start a Bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Groningen in September?

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He got away with a mild sentence but remained the subject of a judicial investigation in Germany for many years after. Work okay, but a mission? In the Euroculture programme you come into close contact with people from so many different backgrounds: They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problems. This diversity stimulates you to look at the world in new ways The most important skill I learned during Euroculture which I apply at my job is the ability to quickly familiarize myself with new cultural theories and apply them to problems.