Pre-test GSU The highest possible score on the pre-test was The study found no statistically significant differences between the two groups. These forms were chosen to strengthen the face validity of the instrument. In summary, this chapter describes the need to investigate the effectiveness of PBL as an alternative method to teaching respiratory therapy. Which of the following should the respiratory therapist recommend?

This study is in line with other literature in finding no statistically significant difference between the two teaching methods in regards to objective test scores. The highest score on the GSU pre-test was 7, and the lowest score was 1. These questions shall be given to you by your mechanical ventilation course instructor at your program in your classroom. These data are erroneous. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 24, — II and IV only 4. However, further studies may focus on specific demographic areas and demonstrate an increase or decrease with certain types of students.

If you volunteer to participate, you will be asked to answer 10 questions on mechanical ventilation on the first and the last day of having the mechanical ventilation course at your program.

A kg lb patient is receiving volume-controlled ventilation.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

What makes our program unique? The researchers collected CPR final exam grades of PBL students and traditional students between and and compared outcomes between the two groups of students.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Robert Harwood for his time and patience during the course of this thesis. Using Predictive Analytics Software PASWresults were analyzed using a dependent t- tests among each group and independent t-tests between the two groups.


A year-old male patient is cm 5 ft 5 in tall and weighs kg lb and is 1 day postoperative open cholecystectomy. Arterial blood gas results are as follows: Recruitment The USA mechanical ventilation course started in the spring ofand the student investigator traveled to Mobile, AL and introduced himself to the faculty and students.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

They also offer multifaceted therapies that require independent judgment and reasoning, for instance, caring for patients in intensive care units. Health informatics combines health care and information sciences to improve the delivery and management of health.

Data were collected using four indices: Post-test GSU As with the pre-test, the highest possible score on this test was Remember me on this computer. Nor does the study demonstrate it to be an inadequate form of teaching. II and IV only 7.

No students scored a 1 on the post-test. Box Atlanta, GA She has a diagnosis of heroin overdose and is receiving volume-controlled ventilation.

Influence of problem- based learning instruction on decision-making skills in respiratory therapy students. It is understood that any copying from or publication of this thesis which involves potential financial gain will not be allowed without my written permission. This group began the test with a higher test scores than the PBL group, which scored a mean of 2.

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This literature review examines the effectiveness of this learning approach when used to teach physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

Which of the following is true of pulmonary compliance and resistance changes during this period? Several medical schools have implemented changes to their curricula in order to facilitate rhesis teaching necessary for students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world problem-solving.


For more than 50 years, scholars have been debating whether PBL is more effective than a traditional educational model Colliver, General Research Guide Respiratory Therapy: A comparison of problem-based learning and lecture-based learning in an adult health nursing course. However, because the students would have pre-knowledge on the topic of mechanical ventilation in respiratory therapy, the study design would need to be revised.

However, no significant differences between the knowledge that PBL students and traditional students acquired through science courses were found.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

The highest score on the GSU pre-test was 7, and the lowest score was 1. A higher initial test score may indicate a greater ability to learn at a quicker pace, and so any improvement in test scores may be due to student aptitude rather than to the method of teaching.

In addition, some ggsu have found that PBL student attitudes toward learning changed. Problem based learning in continuing medical education: Nurse Education Today, 32, — Academic Medicine, 82 4— Additionally, because few studies have focused on the efficacy of PBL in respiratory care education specifically, further research is warranted.