Think about specific and more general outcomes. Research Design Data Collection — this section will outline which method of data collection will be used e. Remember that a research proposal is a selling document. Lastly, stress the importance of conducting the study now! Our group will adhere to these select principles such as: In using this design, Dimitrov and Rumrill Jr. Physical appearance and social influence.

Identify the Management Problem The decision maker described in the scenario is facing a management problem. Advances in Consumer Research, 8 1: Attend Tutorial 2 for a workshop on finding and summarising literature. As this is a low budget research project, survey is the most efficient and economical data collection method. This was measured with three items adaped from Cronley et al.

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The assignment is not challenging if you know the lecture content, how to apply it and justify why you’ve made that decision. Due Friday researcb th September. Justify your decisions, use your common sense and your logic, integrate the literature where you can and build a coherent argument.

Gabor, This will then enable the analysis rbus200 the interdependence between the questions, limiting the questions to only those, which provide analysis for the variables. Provide some background information about the firm and the scenario the firm is facing. For descriptive and explanatory studies quantitative studies. The objective of this section is to convince the client that you understand their situation problem and that you will be outlining a plan that will help fix it.

Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements for Non-Profit Organization

Hence, the population in Australia will be subjected to a simple random sampling method to form the sample population. Our group will adhere to these select principles such as: The literature review takes time so make sure you allow enough time to search for articles, read and summarise them, decide on the variables you think are important for the scenario, create a model and then write the argument for that model in the form of a literature review.


Chosen participants are expected to be of a variety with differing age groups, gender and income level.

rbus2900 research proposal

This section will also outline any specific details of the data collection i. Hence as a moderating variable, it can be seen that gender is expected to have a moderating effect on the resdarch variables. As such, it can be said that education will have a moderating effect on the independent variables.

Research Method — this section will outline which method you will be using in your study i. The nature of the research should match the way your situation analysis and literature review.

Hence, the issue of multiple endorsements by resexrch celebrity is especially pertinent in this case because PeTA is seen to have endorsed many celebrities that might endorsed products that are contradictory to the nature of PeTA, which is to protect animals.

As researchers, the group will have to be responsible to the people who are involved in this research. reseagch

rbus2900 research proposal

It will also be emphasised that their participation proposzl voluntary and confidentiality is kept at the strictest rwsearch. Is lecture attendance necessary? Lower levels of education are more impressionable to association endorsements than individuals with a college education. Reference List Appendix 1: Privacy Protect confidential communications, such as papers or grants submitted for publication, personnel records, trade or military secrets, and patient records.

In the first phase of the pretest, background information of a non-profit organization PeTA is provided. Importance The importance of this research study is to ensure a suitable fit between the celebrity and PeTA. As such, a sampling frame of the national telephone numbers in Australia will be used.


Secondly, as many of these proplsal are seen ersearch endorse multiple brands, it would be beneficial for PeTA to study how does over endorsement influence the perception consumers have of PeTA.

To make the scale more reliable, the scale from one to seven is used, therefore reducing the differences between levels, resulting in a more reliable measurement. Subsequently, the respondents are to fill in the twenty-six questions and twelve questions again in order to analyse the effects of the negative information.

Research Design Research Design — this section will specify the overall design of the study e. The celebrity endorsing the product is expected to believe in the protection of animals and not just for the monetary benefit involved.

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The full research proposal will resrarch due at the end of the semester. The control group will also be tested at both times but would not be subjected to the treatment.

rbus2900 research proposal

Lastly, it is proposed that should consumers perceive that celebrities are being paid for their work endorsing PeTA, it would lead to a negative effect on the perception of the organisation. Do dispositional attributions regarding peer endorsers influence product evaluations? The executive summary should provide an overview of the entire proposal.