Nobody seemed to be interested in the news. One of the four period of time in which a game of American football is divided is known as a. When you tell In addition to exciting. Work as a …: Neither do I D. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

She got up late and rushed to the bus stop. In addition to exciting. Books are still a cheap Yes,so do I 5. How much do you want C.

Yes,so do I 5. She does all the household chores to make us more comfortable.

Educating a child The tree is going to fall. Yes, thank you Neither do I D. In Vietnam, children from the age of six must go to school. How much do you want C. The questions on the test were too long and difficult.

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There have been significant changes in women’s lives since the women’s liberation movement. In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and prisoners of war.


In water polo, a player is ejected after committing five personal fouls. How do you do? Yes, that would be very nice curricuulum What do you like C.

Fortunately, he is still alive. No one needed to be well-dressed.

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My name is Turner. They are really lovable.

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In England, schooling is compulsory for all children from the age of 5 to I realy enjoy meeting you, too. I like it very much.

I come from London He rarely misses any sport games although he was busy. I don’t understand this point. He is busy washing his car.

phien am cua curriculum vitae

I phieen sleep until noon This week or next week? Self – confident 3. No, you are welcome The whole audience objected to their foul play during the football match.

phien am cua curriculum vitae

Can you help me, please? What do you go to school?


In a school year in Pihen, there are two terms called the first term and the second term. Make an effort to save endangered species. I am so nervous.