Line impedances are known. Dueto the radial nature of distribution systems, this goal is not feasible as the number of PMUs thatwould be needed would increase drastically, making the cost unfeasible. The system is said to be observable if a full rank spanning treecan be achieved [22]. UBC Theses and Dissertations. The constraints define the feasible region and any point in defines a feasible solution.

Taking the worst-case scenario, thisswitch is assumed to be open. UBC Theses and Dissertations. The steps to the simulated annealing algorithmare summarized below: Then, the secondary network canbe solved. Recently, there has been increasedinterest in placing these devices at the distribution level. This includes smart gridtechnologies and increasing the sources of clean power.

Optimal Phasor Measurement Unit Placement for Monitoring of PEA Bowin Power

Several case studies are considered to verify the proposed method. Real time monitoring thezis the distribution system, the part ofthe power system that brings power into homes and businesses, is needed in order to see and fixissues before they cascade into a blackout. Casazza, Understanding electric power systems: It can be seen that the number of nodes in a system determines the size of the matrix.

This would enable utilities to restore power faster.

Incorporation of PMUs in power system state estimation – DRS

Additionally, I am grateful for the funding I received through Mitacs Accelerate, a collaborationwith Enbala Power Networks, for without which would have made it difficult for me pursue thisresearch. Typically, an algorithm will either providea good approximate solution reasonably fast or it produces a global optimum solution and is com-putationally expensive.


This can speed up the convergence, because the placemnt the best individual optimwl utilized here is a kind of population acceleration [ 27 ]. This placement can be seen below in Figure 3. Ifcomplete observability is not achieved, go to step 3. Some terminology is described below: Lastly, power flows from the distribution system to customer sites, which arehomes and businesses. The values on the table were taken from the results section in thesources listed.

For this equation, i corresponds to the node number and nis the total number of nodes for the given distribution network. Afterwards,they applied their simulated annealing algorithm.

In thiscase, the optimum solution would be the one with the highest SORI value. The most appropriate solution would then have to be selected amongst the spectrum of solutions considering treatment carried out and aims expressed. The performance of proposed algorithm is illustrated via a modified machinebus system and NPCCbus system. Ifcomplete observability is not achieved, go to step 3.

optimal pmu placement thesis

In step 1, the test point is the upper bound, instead of it being the middle number. Clearly, the placement setin Figure 2. In the first step, we need to identify the end nodes. The outcome of this conference was the Paris Agreement. Therefore, a much more accurate PMU is required. The findings resulted from the IGM are the optimal PMU placement with the total distance of the connected branches less than the other methods, especially for, large-scale networks.


Therefore, a much more accurate PMU is required. Note the SORI value for the proposed algorithm is 39 and theminimum case is Previous works have only focused on one or two of these items.

The constraints define the feasible region and any point in defines a feasible solution. The electrical power distribution system was originally designed for one way power flow.

Usually denoted as matrix A, its formal definition9is defined in 2.

Optimal PMU Placement with Uncertainty Using Pareto Method

To illustrate this, we will again look at thesiz node network. To load this item in other compatible viewers, use this url: This can be used to meet a certain redundancy requirement for the system, however it is usuallyassumed to be a vector of ones.

optimal pmu placement thesis

Plscement, they would be able toachieve a higher SORI value. Casazza, Understanding electric power systems: To illustrate this, we will again look at the node network.