This page should be listed at the beginning of the Table of Contents. That the dissertation be approved subject only to minor editorial corrections: The student who misses the term graduation deadline, but completes degree requirements by the last day of that term may choose to follow the Courtesy Policy. Preface Page Optional This page is counted and numbered with a lower-case Roman numeral. Your entire dissertation will be published by ProQuest. The University of New Mexico.

In some special cases, however, students may want to delay making their work available for varying lengths of time. If you have multiple appendices, they must each be listed see section on Appendices. Students are responsible for preparing theses in proper format traditional or non-traditional , which is of high quality and free of grammatical and typing errors. Required fields are flagged in red. It may be single- or double-spaced. To provide an opportunity for candidates to communicate the results of their research to a wider group of scholars; 2. Fonts for tables, figures, and appendices may range from 8 to 12 point.

If you have not already created an account, you will have the opportunity to do so now. The title must be in capital letters, centered just below the top margin of the page. Each of the two required copies of your manuscript must contain its own original figures, with the exception of photographs, in which case both may be high-quality copies either in color or black and white.

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Number the Abstract Page in appropriate sequence with a lower-case Roman numeral. Please click on each section below for more information.


Graduate Studies

UNM accepts both traditional and non-traditional hybrid thesis. Deadline Dates The final version of your thesis or dissertation must be submitted to Graduate Studies djssertation Copyrights Registering Your Copyright Registering your copyright in your thesis or dissertation is optional.

A sample of completed Front Matter is available on this web site.

ogs dissertation unm

In all cases the results of the thesis defense must be submitted to Graduate Studies no later than two weeks after the announced date of the thesis defense. The student must satisfy degree requirements defended and submitted dissertation by the deadlines of July 15 for summer graduation, November 15 for Fall graduation, or April 15 for Spring graduation. The dedication itself may be single or double-spaced.

DO NOT simply type dots across the page–the spacing will not work properly.

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Preface Page Optional This page is counted and numbered with a lower-case Roman numeral. For example, an appendix is the appropriate section in which to place material such as raw data, the results of individual laboratory analyses, or sample forms.

The major section headings usually Chapter headings disseration each begin on a new page. Figures Figures may include diagrams, charts, drawings, schematics, photographs, etc.

Your entire dissertation will be published by ProQuest. You should consult your advisor for preferences or additional requirements your department may have. Formatting on Front Matter is very detailed.

In the second instance the director of the dissertation is responsible for seeing that all necessary corrections are made before the dissertation is submitted to Graduate Studies. They should be placed on paper of the same size and weight as the rest of the manuscript. Count the title page as page “ii”.


Colored materials are acceptable, but since color does not reproduce on microfilm, an alternate key should be provided if it will be needed for interpretation of the figure in black and white.

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Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Preparation and Submission. Each of these lead pages should be counted and numbered. Copyright law is extremely complex and it can be difficult to determine what action you need to take and where to begin looking for permissions. Count this as page “i”.

Use a professional quality font e. When you are ready to submit your manuscript after passing your defense and completing all the formatting and approval listed above, you will submit the manuscript electronically as a single pdf file at the following URL: However, the manuscript pgs be accompanied by an abstract in English approved by the committee.

ogs dissertation unm

That the dissertation be approved subject only to minor editorial corrections: Check “dot leader tab” in Microsoft Word in the “help” for more information. Please note that computer-generated manuscripts are subject to the same formatting requirements as other manuscripts.

For all other questions about theses and dissertations, please send an email to mayra85 unm.