Interview Questions Two one-on-one case based interviews. The information includes analysis of the industry, competitors, and revenue and costs of the company. Two days after completing the test I got an invitation for an interview. Fairly standard test with numerical and verbal parts. I applied online with Cover Letter and CV through the company’s website. Interview Questions How many steps did it take you to walk here? I explicitly consent to receiving the newsletter and I know I can unsubscribe at any time.

Log in now Keep me logged in. Interview Applied through university’s career service – emailed through the CV and cover letter. I explicitly consent to receiving the newsletter and I know I can unsubscribe at any time. Don’t let the attitudes affect you. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it. There were four interviewers observing Interview Questions Sometimes you will be given a question with “harsh” attitudes.

Case-wise hey seemed very big on the idea of the candidate sttategy the discussion, and looked for a strong structure at the start of each case. Our company could go online but analysis of competitors shows we lag behind in total shop area. Recently aced the interview process. Don’t have an account yet?

How does your company compare?


The online application was followed by psychometric tests, and then an invitation to interview in their London office. However, assessors are not looking for trite answers, and the company advises candidates to be cautious.

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Interview Did two 1: Assessors are not looking for complete solutions to case studies. How many vet practices are there in the UK? Sign up with LinkedIn. Are you sure you want to remove this sgudy from being featured for this targeted profile?

oc&c strategy case study

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oc&c strategy case study

Does any know the format of L. Graduates on internet forums have reported recent interview questions to be: There were four interviewers observing. Graduates on internet forums have reported recent interview questions to be:. Login with your email.

Are you sure you want to replace it? Interview Questions Estimate the size of the interactive whiteboard market in the US. The interviewer was friendly and reasonably helpful.

OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview Questions

Sort by Upvotes Date ascending Date descending. What should we prioritise? Two weeks later, I went into the offices to do two 30 minute case interview which different interviewers.

oc&c strategy case study

They want to test how you respond to pressure and cope with stress. We were given ten minutes to read a booklet which contains information on a brand clothing company. Invited to first round interview with one week’s notice.


It’s simple to set up. The interviewers were really friendly and I enjoyed working through the case studies. The first round interview consists of two back to back interviews oc&&c Managers, these last 30 minutes and consist of a sttategy questions, a small case, and a chance to ask them any questions.

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The first round of interviews consisted of two 1: The applicant oc&d well be given casd information as the interview goes on, forcing them to rethink or adapt their conclusions or approaches to problems. What would a UK-based alcoholic beverage manufacturer have to consider in order to try to expand its market share? Case in point will be a good book to read to prepare for their online case study test.

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