Format for the log book for the different activities is given in Tables 1,2 and 3 of Section IV. Annals of Dentistry 4. Clinical Orthodontics Paper IV: Guidelines for prescribing dental radiographs. The PG student should be encouraged to present the clinical details, radiological, and histo-pathological interpretations, and participation in the discussion. Shock – Pathogenesis of haemorrhagic, neurogenic, septic, cardiogenic shock – Circulatory disturbances, ischaemia hyperemia, venous congestion, edoema, infarction 4.

Dental Public Health 1. The supplementary examinations are held within six months of the main examination every year. Structure with relevance to laboratory diagnosis, type of infection, laboratory tests and their interpretation, universal precautions, specific precautions and recent trends in diagnosis and prophylaxis. Fusce eleifend massa ut diam pretium ac tincidunt metus tempus. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice 9. Microscope, principles and theories of microscopy. The etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment planning of various common orthodontic problems.

Primary Preventive Dentistry — Norman O. Evidence based oral care in treatment planning. Periodontal maintenance phase – Supportive periodontal treatment – Results of periodontal treatment IV.

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The seminars may be held at least twice a week in each postgraduate department. Factors affecting the long-range stability of orthodontic correction and their management. Approach To be covered as seminars and didactic lectures. Pediatric Medical Emergencies — P. The education process should be an evolving one and not merely a process of acquisition of a large number of disjointed facts without a proper perspective.


General anesthesia — pre medications, neuro muscular blocking agents, induction agents, inhalation anesthesia, and agents used, assessment of anesthetic problems in medically compromised patients.

Histopathology slide discussion – 30 Marks – Marks 10 x 10 C. Paper I, II and III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay questions each carrying 7 marks. Medical emergencies in Dental Practice – malamed Upper expansion appliance with expansion screw 5.


Complete set up of dentition at age of 8 years. Newsletter Subscribe to receive promotions and information. The following requirements should be fulfilled by every candidate to 20166 eligible to appear for the final examination i.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Preparation of frozen sections and cytological smears. For guiding the eruption of first permanent molar. Neuromuscular transmission and muscle contraction. Describe etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of common periodontal diseases with emphasis on Indian population.

Clinical and Procedural skills: Biostatistics – Computers — Basic operative skills in analysis of data and knowledge of multimedia. Processing of tissues for Paraffin sections. Interdisciplinary discussions and interactions. Examination of three hours duration three months before the final examination to be conducted by the college.


Name of the Trainee: Interdepartmental Meetings To bring in more integration among various specialties, there shall be interdepartmental meeting chaired by the Dean with all the Heads of the Departments at least once in a month.

Scheme of Examination i. Management of Pediatric dental trauma.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Apply high moral and ethical standards while carrying out human or animal research. Recent advances in restorative materials and procedures.

Pediatric guideoines, preventive and interceptive orthodontic procedures, chair side preventive dentistry procedures. Management of special children. Update himself by self-study and by attending basic and advanced courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops in the specialty of conservative —endodontics-dental materials and restorative dentistry.

The clinical cases taken up should be followed, under guidance.