O Level Elective History: If you really wanted to find examples, just search whyac on Instagram lol. Choose a CCA that you have a passion or zeal for. Distance matters, especially when you’re pressed for time in JC. I guess everyone is struggling on their own to even keep up with their own standards to be competing with others HAHA no one really actively goes around to compare results LOL. I think the teachers in both departments are really nice!

Hopefully i can find one school with lesser dress down days Also, how many students on average are offered H3 subjects in Jc2? Notes provided by both departments are great haha the Math department gave us a summary table of all topics nearing A’s which could have been btr if they gave us earlier but ohwells. For the four operation tests Chin provides an average score, 25th, 10th and 5th percentile score for each test. The Sandwell test provides a raw score which can be converted to a number age. AC is an amazing school and the culture is very strong as mentioned by many people here.

All in all, I would say that the teachers really try to give everything they have into you, as they see your potential.

njc year 7 homework

I don’t know much about Bio and Geog dept. The teachers are always there for you to consult when you need them haha. But then it’s just the culture and it doesn’t apply to everyone since there are also people who just slack throughout 2 years and do badly ofc. Pretty surprised by NJ’s combis offered this yr but I suspect they want to keep up with their standards esp since hybrid classes don’t rlly perform well.

Uni all days except Wed polo and house tee thurs. Prior to starting extraction the students are assessed using the Sandwell Early Numeracy Test, Chin 15 minute numeracy test and the Chin four operation recall tests 1 min for addition and subtraction, 2mins for multiplication and division.


Year 7 Catch-Up Funding – Welcome To Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School

Lectures are mostly pretty meh and they’re quite fast at going through it so if you miss out, it’s good luck. But all teachers are honestly willing to help if you ask.

But I can guarantee that the Chem and Maths dept have some of the most passionate teachers who are willing to help you if you need.

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Everyone wants to do well in A Levels after all. SGExams submitted 6 months ago by eatmytokyobananas.

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I think as long as you can be disciplined, you should be fine. We studied hard and played hard. Mathematics Due to issues with continuity from Key Stage 2 to Key Njjc 3 in mathematics, the impact of our funding is measured with reference to scores in the Sandwell Numeracy tests. Additional funding has been made available by the DfE to support those students who do not reach a level 4 in English or mathematics njd the end of Key Stage 2.

Each SSTA is a member of the subject department and works with teaching staff to support students with low prior attainment and to develop or adapt materials and resources to help these students to access the curriculum. There are of course teachers who aren’t that good yexr this applies everywhere, not just one JC alone.

Distance matters, especially when you’re pressed for time in JC.

njc year 7 homework

Also in AC if you’re in a sport it feels a little more “exclusive” cuz you get a sports CCA exclusive Tshirt and jacket that eyar other CCAs don’t get, which is something we always rub in the others faces with hah.


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So yeah, that’s the end of my sharing. Log in or sign up in seconds. I’d say you make really good friends and forge many memories from hhomework sports CCA.

I think the teachers in both departments are really nice! Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

Homewogk know that Sports CCAs have hectic schedules and physically demanding training sessions. I think the econs department is the most angst department haha there a few teachers in there who are always asking students to shut up in lectures lolol Hmm i’m not in a sports CCA, but looking at some of my friends, its pretty obvious that you must have a certain amount of discipline and time management to juggle sports njx and studies. Quite a hit and miss with the teachers. I mean, it could also be because I’ve been in AC my whole life, but still.

During the exam season, I always see teachers giving consults to students and most seem willing to help.

Anyways, can anyone confirm how legit ACJC is tho for my subject combi, based on both Teachers and notes quality.