Pradhan, R Development of new parameter extraction schemes and maximum power point controllers for photovoltaic power systems. Tanty, Kunal Kumar Effect of morphology on densification study of nano — hydroxyapatite. Mahapatra, Prateik Development of acid resistant bricks using waste materials. Kumar, Pankaj Performance and emission charactersistics of eucalyptus oil and gasoline blend in four sroke multi cylinder petrol engine. S R, Shubham Wastewater minimization using aspen water.

Prusty, Dibyaranjan and Pradhan, Hitaindra Kumar An investigation on texture-property correlation in cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel. Bengani, Saurav Kumar Estimation of power system frequency. Saxena, Mayank Air quality of a steel city, rourkela, orissa. Pothal, Jayanta Kumar Intelligent motion planning and obstacle avoidance for multiple mobile robots in highly cluttered environments. Shravan kumar , Balakumar Shiva and. Choudhary, Sundeep Some properties of flyash for mine backfilling. Tirkey, Nelson Evaluation of Chip Breaker.

Pradhan, Raunaq Design, Fabrication and optimization of collector set-ups for obtaining aligned nanofibers. Pramanick, Puloma Classification of electroencephalogram EEG signal based on fourier transform and neural network. Marndi, Balabhadra frequency measurement of aluminium beam with multiple cracks. Nayak, Aradhana Predictive state feedback control of network control systems.

Creators Item Type No Grouping. Kumar, Suman and PaniAshadeep Hardness, tensile and wear behaviour of a nonconventional austenitic stainless steel upon sensitization.


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KumarA A study on mechanical behaviour of hair fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Pradhan, A Production of alumina based porous ceramics using sodium alginate as gelling agent. Baxla, M A Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation. Mishra, D P Simulation of carbon dioxide – monoethanolamine – water system using equilibrium approach.

Singh, Deepanshu Strata behavior in longwall mining at greater depths.

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Mandal, Abhijeet Gravitational Search Algorithm: Mandal, Arnab Frequency domain system identification and it’s application in jamming. Sahoo, Shubhashree Influence of pgd calcium phospahte on the properties of calcium phosphate based cements.

Kumar, Sachin Conversion of waste high-density polyethylene into liquid fuels. Singh, Kumari Pratibha Analysis of different parking space and its comparison.

Styline and Singh, Keshav Kumar Desigin of wireless weather monitoring system.

nitrkl phd thesis

Deoriya, J Stress analysis of knee joint and knee prosthesis. Garg, Bhuvnesh and Kumar, Pankaj Fatigue behavior of aluminium alloy. Das, Sarthak and Pandey, Saurabh Pyrolysis and catalytic cracking of municipal plastic waste for recovery of gasoline range hydrocarbons. Synthesis of Biologically Important Heterocycles. Kumar, Satish Study of flexural and compressive strength of glass fiber reinforced graphite composite.

Das, Nishan A study on analysis tbesis prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. Pragnya, P and Sarma, S Measurement of synthetic high alumina blast furnace slags in the laboratory.


Verma, Anupam Time constrained fault tolerance and management framework for k-connected distributed wireless sensor networks based on composite event detection. Priyadarshan, Soumyakant Community detection in social networks. Sethi, Manas Phx Risk based mine planning price uncertainty. Hitrkl, Prabartika Face recognition using eigen faces and direct cosine transform approach.

Sahoo, Binay Kumar Obtain makespan of job shop scheduling operation.

Jaiswal, S Obstacle detection and avoidance by a mobile robot. Nucleation and Growth Analysis.

Sahoo, L CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger with constant wall heat transfer coefficient. Ghosh, Nilabjendu Permeability of Indian coal. Nayak, Shweta and Mishra, Swetaleena Effects of addendum modification on root stress in involute spur gears. C, Kashyap Vibration analysis of structures. RoutNirakar and SethyJagadish Kumar Implementation of fuzzy logic controller for load frequency control in two area power system.

nitrkl phd thesis

Hota, M Assessment and modelling of water quality near mine sites.