We aim to be flexible with fellowship dates — applicants should indicate their preferred dates in —19, and their preferred fellowship duration i. We have a number of students majoring and minoring in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, many of whom have won national awards and have gone on to excellent graduate programs. Alison Stewart] semester [e. Undergraduate Annual Undergraduate Essay individual and Creative Project individual or group competition Deadline is listed in the Event Calendar annually in the spring semester. While primarily based in history, the NACBS would like to review more works in art history, literature, historical geography, and other disciplines.

Please email graduate papers to the Program Director. Addiction is, of course, a matter of much public concern, particularly since the emergence of the opioid crisis in recent years. As British studies scholars, we stand fast with our colleagues and students in this hemisphere and in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Please do get in touch. Although the Rare Books Room of the present British Library is serviceable and pleasant, one longs for the very different atmospheres of the old round Smirke and north library reading rooms.

While the largest single group of its members teach British history in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, the NACBS has significant representation among specialists in literature, art history, politics, law, sociology, and economics. Love Prize Judith R. Faculty of Arts Department of History. Applications should demonstrate a serious research interest that focuses on primary source material within the collections contestt at Durham.

In my experience, many students struggle when given too much freedom choosing their own research topics. The purpose of the Visiting Fellowships is to support research into these globally significant collections. Please send applications to: Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art] the professor [e. Most theses are too long to be considered. Finding Guide 50th Anniversary: Second, some of the presentations relied on very obvious objects, and I need to find a way to force students to think more creatively while continuing to allow a sufficient measure of freedom.


I hoped that the benefits of the assignment undegrraduate be both individual and corporate.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Who most influenced your academic work? The present limitations of rights and freedoms imposed upon students, faculty and researchers are impediments to all scholarly communities and to the free exchange of ideas upon which our work as scholars and educators depends. The experience of writing this textbook was certainly humbling for it quickly contset how little I knew about so much!

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

The Old Bailey Online – The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, is a fabulous resource to use with students because it affords explorations nachs so many interesting themes.

Ultimately, it was truly gratifying to see how excited students were to discuss their menu.

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Nothing was more exciting to me to move to California from Britain and discover that my students had never heard of Coventry let alone Gladstone. And while these elements were all important to our study, my goal was to get students to see these broad concepts from the inside out, and to understand contets lived experience of empire.

Britons remain often unable to acknowledge, and yet haunted by, their imperial and European histories. Applicants who plan to collaborate with Durham academic staff are especially welcome and should mention this in their application. British intellectual and cultural history, With this statement, we join the large list of organizational members of the American Council of Learned Societies who have issued statements in recent days.

NACBS Undergraduate Essay Prize (Canada) | History Department

It was an amazing opportunity to help inform how the next generation of undergraduates are taught the history of modern Britain.


This posed some interesting pedagogical problems. What about it draws you in? It was in this context that the idea for a Menu of the British Empire was formed. And in the classroom and lecture hall we are forced outside of our academic bubble where we sometimes too comfortably assume that everyone possesses similar terms of reference and modes of thought.

Work with Executive Secretary to keep track of calendar of tasks and remind officers to do them. As British studies scholars, we stand fast with our colleagues and students in this hemisphere and in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The current editors’ term ends with the October issue of the journal; new editors will begin working with the current editors by May to learn production processes and to begin soliciting reviews for a five-year term that will commence with the first issue of For graduate papers, please submit a blind copy no names on the paper with an attached cover sheet that includes: We understand that British history, the histories of its four nations, and this very staging of white, male supremacy were products of slavery and imperialism.

Please see the following link for further instructions and details: Though curry was discussed several times, the historical context provided was unique in each paper, which further emphasized the potential of accessing imperial history through a study of food. Of course, Britain and its history figured conspicuously in most accounts of the development of modernity.