What are your fields of interest? Our classrooms are our first public: Over the past 11 years, ten of our undergraduate majors have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Do you have a favorite text to teach? The presentation of different objects by different students provided a stimulating way of introducing the whole class to a variety of themes, sources, objects, and topics they would not have encountered otherwise. Seminar in Northern Renaissance Art] the professor [e.

The North American Conference on British Studies is a scholarly society dedicated to all aspects of the study of British civilization. Above all it was my aim not just to castigate the past but to remake the present by reminding students that the world does change and it has been changed by those who have had the courage to challenge inequity and subjugation. In many respects, I designed a fairly traditional course. What would make this assignment more effective? Work with Executive Secretary to keep track of calendar of tasks and remind officers to do them.

Their comments and questions focused on global economics, on international trade, world wars and treaties. Please submit a copy of the essay and a letter of nomination to EACH of the 3 members of the adjudication committee by 15 May 3 copies in total.

Worry about how much work I need to get done?? The variety of themes and sources students selected was encouraging. We shall aim to notify successful candidates by beginning of June.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

It was an amazing opportunity to help udergraduate how the next generation of undergraduates are taught the history of modern Britain. Easay condemn this executive order for restricting freedom of movement, imperiling refugees, and furthering racism and religious bigotry.

Another student wrote about the problematic ways in which the British Empire has been remembered through a consideration of chutney. Keep lists of officers and prize committees Budget: That national past is endlessly recuperated in the nasty nativism on display in British television and film from Downton Abbey, The Crown, Dunkirk to whatever the latest movie is about Queen Victoria or Winston Churchill.


In the summer ofI taught an undergraduate summer history class on the history of the British Empire. Less personal but important early influences on the kind of history I try to practice have been the work of E.

Not surprisingly, it is this screen history of Unedrgraduate that is most familiar to students in the United States, but more worryingly it largely remains the one taught in Undergraduste schools even at A-levels. Students enjoyed working on the project and, partly because it was a presentation, felt less pressure in the final weeks of the semester.

Last semester I taught an upper-level undergraduate course called Britain and Empire, undergraduatd. Please see the following link for further instructions and details: And given that those undergraduates – in Britain as across much of the nacb British world — occupy a world shaped by the nativist histories endlessly repeated by politicians and dramatized on screens, it seemed a particularly timely task. With this statement, we join the large list of organizational members of the American Council of Learned Societies who have issued statements in recent days.

We understand that British history, the histories of its four nations, and this very staging of white, male supremacy were products of nscbs and imperialism. That experience tempts me to try to teach Tristram Shandy as a cultural history text in an eighteenth-century Britain course, but that seems too big a challenge and is best left to colleagues in the English Department.

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Unless you are on strike. If a student you have taught this year has written a particularly good essay on a British topic please urge them to enter the competition. I recognize that adequately covering the material for such a broad chronology is impossible, but having chosen a coherent theme I felt less pressure to spew information like a firehose and more at liberty to judiciously choose specific examples, readings, and sources that illustrate my larger narrative. Our classrooms are our first public: Potential editors in these disciplines are encouraged to apply.


And while fewer students are majoring in History within the United States, Peter Mandler has suggested that the number of History degrees in Britain have been holding more or less firm. What readings, objects, or examples might I provided to better help students succeed?

The deadline for both fellowships is April 1st.

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Though curry was discussed several times, the historical context provided was unique in each paper, which further emphasized the potential of accessing imperial history through a study of food. The North American Conference on British Studies is a scholarly society dedicated to all aspects of the study of British civilization. Second, some of the presentations relied on very obvious objects, and I need to find a way to force students to think more creatively while continuing to allow a sufficient measure of freedom.

Digital versions of printed sources necessarily became by the greatest objects of my study. Distribute or post all relevant documents.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

I wanted to show how global processes shaped what I call the rise, fall and reinvention of liberal ideas of how markets and governments should work in the British world, as well how central violence and dispossession, at home and abroad, was to that story. Given that where I live, I can manage only a few weeks per year in relevant physical archives.