Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. EB Garamond has a fork for unicode-math: However, it makes Sublime Text much slower. Calluna and Euler seem to work quite well together. You can use them in almost any technical documents. Their small caps, text figures are crap. However, things were not always easy.

How about the Lucida family? I do almost all my paper writing in LaTeX. Sign up using Facebook. This software does come with a bunch of licenses, even though it doesn’t cost any money. Nevertheless, caveats and all, I do think that I have a pretty good setup. Sign up using Email and Password. Khaled Hosny Khaled Hosny

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms libertinf Service. I use XeLaTeX and in short the preamble in the true document is more than lines at this point… put the following in the preamble:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here My second choice was Alegreyawhich is also very beautiful.

Dissertations, Fonts, and Wasting Time

The two main problems are the accents and brackets; I can tolerate other symbols being taken from another font. This makes comparing and merging changes much easier.

Notify me of new posts via email. Here is a small math example: Lucida Sans Typewriter Since I wanted to have the same font family for math and running text, I chose Pagella as the main font from the little list of choice.


xetex – Using Linux Libertine in math mode with unicode-math (XeLaTeX) – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Initially, my fascination began in seminary with Greek fonts…I wanted to make the Greek text in my papers stand out better, so I began downloading various fonts to help make this happen. In general, this is fine. My choice for a versioning system is clear.

Now, there was no longer a need to have separate Greek and Roman fonts. Don’t use anything but alphanumeric symbols from non-OpenType math fonts like Linux Libertine. Ideally, this should allow to use mathematical expressions as well. Oh snap, the ve kerning is pretty horrendous on Marion, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it when posting this!

Here is the combination I’m using for my thesis: The Minion and Times combo above are most versatile ones. I guess they came with Microsoft Office? On the other hand it does not look too thin and wide as Courier New in my eyes.

My LaTeX thesis workflow

Nowadays, I have two fonts that I use on a fairly consistent basis: I tend to use Inconsolata when typesetting code snippet, but the Bera font looks nice with Palatino once it is x-scaled.

Do you have a link that one can follow to view the fonts? And as I said having the parentheses in the same font as the alphanumerics is really important for me. Most fonts I use are commercial. But I only used it for the chapter title and the figure text.


After several hours of searching, I think Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum is the safest, most convenient combination for Linux users. The probability that thhesis but you will care in the slightest what fonts are in the dissertation is exactly zero. I will not write how Linertine achieved my rather complex layout or go into a lot of detail into every package or setting here. Unfortunately, I use them for abbreviations in my thesis.

linux libertine thesis

As such they would have to contend with the bad spacing and aliasing on Consolas, where its optimisation for ClearType would surely be cold comfort. Only concern I run into: Samples of these fonts can be found at pctex.

linux libertine thesis

There are Time Machine-y options on Linux e. I myself decided to go with something a bit wilder, so I bought Feijoa for this purpose, a very special font made by great New Zealand-based designer Kris Sowersby. How do we grade questions?