Can you suggest a subtopic that has anything to do with the bigger topic green issues? Record one question, about history or human behavior, that arose for you in response to what you learned about in class today. If that statement is not a nessesary thesis statement, than can i have some good quality suggestions? To help you guide students through the nuances, make sure to read carefully the discussion of these terms in the Context section before teaching this lesson. What can we learn by thinking about the choices people make in times of fear and crisis? The Rise of the Nazi Party Defining Bystander and Upstander:

Then show the video “Kristallnacht”: Day 2 Acknowledge Exit Cards Begin the second day of this lesson by acknowledging the exit cards that students completed at the end of the previous day. Add or Edit Playlist. Students explore the long history of discrimination against Jews and come to understand how anti-Judaism was transformed into antisemitism in the nineteenth century. Consider sharing this document with students and asking the students to reflect in their journals on the following prompt: Students learn about the violent pogroms of Kristallnacht by watching a short documentary and then reflecting on eyewitness testimonies. Heterogeneous or Leveled Groupings The readings in this lesson vary in length, so you might consider in advance how you will group students for Activity 2 on Day 2 Analyze Responses to Kristallnacht.

Stay Connected With Us Sign up for email updates. Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg resigns. Students will define the terms perpetratorvictimbystanderand upstander and use first-person testimonies about Kristallnacht to demonstrate how these roles that tsatement play in times of fear and crisis do not describe fixed identities; individuals move into and out of these roles depending on circumstances. Introducing The Unit 3. A person speaking or acting in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of a person statekent attacked or bullied.


kristzllnacht It was plainclothesed SS agents. Laws and the National Community There had been no ultimatum and no threat, but instead there had been a spontaneous popular uprising of the Austrian people. Apply the Text-to-Text, Text-to-Self, Text-to-World teaching strategy by assigning students to make connections to resources from this lesson.

When German forces entered Rhineland, there was Jubilation on the streets of Rhineland.


It happened three years before it even started. The Range of Responses Write down one thing you learned or observed in class today that you found surprising or troubling.

kristallnacht thesis statement

Best answer gets the most points P. As a result, Germany expanded into Austria and Czechoslovakia without firing a shot.

Question about the statement “We know all about men from history. By reflecting on the agency of individuals, groups, and nations in historical context, we can better understand the possibility and power of the choices available to us today.

Record one question, about history or human behavior, that arose for you in response to what you learned about in class today. The Roots and Impact of Antisemitism 8. Kristallnachy it possible to write sentences without using the letter “a”?

Kristallnacht ( “Night Of Crystal ” – ” Night of The Broken Glass” ) by Vanessa Henriquez on Prezi

Universe of Obligation 6. Whosoever controls the debt makes immense profits for itself during wars. What new questions does the document raise for you? They can choose one or more of the readings or videos they encountered in this lesson and write a paragraph that describes how those stories connect to other literature, histories, current events, or personal kristalllnacht they know about.


The choice not to act or speak up is still a choice. The German people did not carry out Kristallnacht. Tell students that today, they will be reading and analyzing a testimony about Kristallnacht with a group and then reporting on what they thesix to the rest of the class.


kristallnacht thesis statement

Students complete activities that help them think about the unit kritsallnacht a whole as they prepare a strong thesis statement for their essay. It is important that students understand the nuances of these two terms before applying them to choices from the past they learn about in this lesson and their own personal choices.


statemenr People cannot be allowed to choose peace over war. The ineffective international response deepened the peril in which Jews in the Reich found themselves. The five bullets fired put an end to the effort being made to extend the Munich Agreement by revision of the Treaty of Versailles to fix the damage that’s been done after ww1 by allowing plebiscite in all German dominated areas.

kristallnacht thesis statement

Understanding Their Krristallnacht The terms bystander and upstander are difficult to define clearly because they can apply to a variety of kristallnacnt kinds of choices in different circumstances. Alternatively, you might group students by level and work more closely with struggling readers to target specific literacy skills while allowing the more confident readers to tackle the content independently. Alternatively, you might ask some students to share their ideas with the class, keeping a list of what they can learn on the board or chart paper to add to over the course of the lesson.