Our law gives the judge great freedom in choosing the mode of intervention in contracts where there has been a change of circumstances in the contract. This is also the principle that in case of impossibility no person shall be liable implicitly covered by Article 46 of our Civil Code which provides that it should be no damages when, as a result of force majeure or unforeseeable. Tass Agency [] 2 Al l E. However this theory was abandoned when the theory of limited or restrictive sovereign immunity appeared. Sweet and Maxwell, at 6 states”9, concluded between private parties exclusively or between private parties and states. Its content may consider a circumstance, the common intentions of the parties. Creeping expropriation is closer to the concept of economic impossibility or impracticability, because a party is still physically and legally able to perform or, more often, to continue the performance.

The Acts of government cannot be invoked when the government intervenes by general measures that affect all people in the same situation as the contractor of the administration Increase in the cost production We will distinguish between the slow process of changed contractual relations and influence of a sudden process of changed contractual relations due to an exceptional event. She left area and stopped paying rent. A change in circumstances after the conclusion of the contract that were not foreseen or couldn’t logically be expected, may provoke a state of things that make performance a disproportionate pecuniary sacrifice for the debtor, or seriously prejudicial to the creditor. Problems started when the American company, in December , informed the Libyan partner that due to the US Government Passport Order, Sun Oil would suspend its performance and invoke the force majeure clause, assuming that the act created a situation of supervening illegality.

The French Supreme Court has refused to adapt conventional amounts due in case of the decrease in the real value of the contract However, the application for licence was rejected, and the Court of Appeal held that the seller should be excused from performance. The obligation to inform is a pre-contractual obligation that participates in the particular development of a notion of professional and the burden for a professional to inform the profane, whether professional from another specialty or unprofessional This is the first rule of distribution of risks.

In addition, the contractor’s simple act is not enough to establish imputability. However, in the matter of supervening illegality, the distinction should be made between the civil law approach, based on the Roman law concept of impossibility and force majeure, and the common law approach based on the concept of frustration The intervention of the judge in contractual relations The contract is conceived as the product of the meeting of two wills free and equal.


The extremely wide range of justifications for government legislative intervention suggests both that familiarity with national laws is not easy to attain and that the stability of such laws is likewise unpredictable. The contract is conceived as the product of the meeting of two wills free and equal.

For example, quotas, tariffs, and taxation are usually presented by governments as measures aimed at protection of domestic markets, promotion of domestic producers, and prevention against unfair competition from foreign competitors.

Les obligations, Paris, Dalloz,p. The lack of good faith is punishable by either the nullity or the rescission of the contract. This point therefore covers the determination of the essential elements of the contract which, in execution, come to disappear or suffer significant imprévisiob.

Case-law based analysis of contractual unpredictability under rwandan law

Thus, contractors may sell land on the precedent condition of granting the building permits; – The judge will then have recourse to legal rules. Compensation shall be limited to deficits of exploitation of the period during which the threshold of disruption of the contractual economy has been achieved They can be increased or decreased according the value of currency Clarendon Press,at 1 4 Ibid.

The courts in the most important European capitalist countries England, Germany, and France looked at the express as well as the tacit choice of law by the parties. Thus, the theory of unpredictability, which comes from the principle that pacta sunt servanda, is limited by the superior principle of good faith This methodology is suggested in order to answer the question of how to ensure efficient protection of private parties from liability for non-performance caused by supervening illegality.

The general bias in favour of the freedom of contract and the self-regulated market became 21p. The phenomenon is aggravated by the multiplication of long-term contracts, particularly vulnerable to changing circumstances”.

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At the conclusion of the contract, article 8 CCB III provides for four essential conditions for the agreement to be valid. Moreover, arbitrators are not always willing to grant an excuse for non-performance on the basis of the force majeure or frustration defence when the export-import licence has been denied.


The prevailing rule that the law applicable to the substance of a contract would be dissertstion one chosen by the parties themselves became of paramount impréivsion in the nineteenth century, not only in legal theory, but also in court practice.

Supervening illegality and international commercial arbitration – UBC Library Open Collections

On the other hand, the Polish government’s act was taken in response to a problem of heavy rain and impréviison beyond the control of the government itself. Special thanks to Professor Pitman B. Sojuzneftekspori Case Jordan Investments Ltd. Occurrence of a temporary obstacle: Today, the judge is no longer strange to the contract.

imprévision et fait du prince dissertation

Article 12 contains the rule on the waiver of sovereign immunity: Their use is in contrast to the more uniform application of customs procedures, tariffs and quotas. In this context, we consider contractual unpredictability as consisting in the imbalance of reciprocal benefits which comes to occur in successive contracts or deferred, as a result of extraordinary and abnormal events subsequent to the formation of the contract that are beyond the control of the parties, that it was reasonably impossible to foresee them and it appears certain that the parties would not have contracted if they were able to predict it’ 7.

Concerning the problem of the unpredictability of circumstances and their effects, we believe that the unpredictability must be an element of appreciation of risk.

The concept of good faith. Additional difficulty can be created by the fact that contractual parties are entities of different nationalities and sometimes of different legal natures. Thus, a charter contract may be disturbed by the requisition of the ship.