Imagine that you are composing a document for a customer who must decide whether to buy a particular product: Many students find the meanings of the words in the dictionary, but do not read the article again. You should certainly describe various aspects of your professional life–your leadership skills, your career trajectory, your triumph in the face of obstacles, and so on–but do so in language that is as accessible to your reader as it is to you. Interview ended with hysterical laugh on my drawing skill. IIM Kozhikode Can a developing country afford to preserve its monuments, natural wonders, living heritage like culture and performing arts?

Subscribe for Important updates, Free Mocktest and News. Answered Jun 10, Give us the address of your college. Why body language is observed in PI? Further, most reading was confined to text-books with the objective of cracking exams, which, of course, kills the pleasure of reading. Goa Institute of Management Is honesty still the best policy? Good reading is linked to good writing too.

Commitment to brilliance and dedication to writing, strategizing and doing extensive research are her biggest passions. What is the percentage of people dependent on agriculture in rural areas? Answered Jan 15, Life is all about taking chances.


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Get started today in just a few clicks! In the world has largest market cap today? What challenges will it present? Apparently, all of her relatives’ and friends’ daughters got married to either MBAs or Ph.

Why body language is observed in PI? The fear of reading The main issue here is the inherent fear of reading. What is interest rate tax shield? Who is Augusto Pinochet? So you are working in X Company. Sir, Communication is all about the signal transmission.

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The first example is vague and could have been written by anybody. How do I go from Mumbai to Mount Kilimanjaro?

IIM Indore What skill set should be imparted to Indian students to ensure that they become force to reckon with in the job sector? I hope you are not wasting your time and preparing under the guidance of effective expert.

iim kozhikode essay topics

It will begin in the last week of January or the first week of February According to a student of IIM Ahmedabad, the best way to practice is by picking up one current-affairs topic every day and writing as much as you can for 10 minutes. Book reviews of non-fiction toics provide good practice for strengthening your RC capability.


iim kozhikode essay topics

Who was his father? As an engineer, which trick appealed to you the most?

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You can search for their poems on the internet. What is the exact name of the award?

So, you are from Andhra. But after reaching here, I took enough rest and now feeling very upbeat. So, whenever you are reading, do not try to memorise; focus on understanding the issue and that will automatically make you remember the contents.

iim kozhikode essay topics

What is the contribution of JLR to your company? Tell me about your weaknesses. Especially if you are going to an interview of some institute For more information http: Difference between digital zooming and optical zooming. How do you kozikode your name? Some of my students have appeared for IIM kozhikode interview….

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