Doctor of Education Leadership Ed. I’ve heard and read that the SOP is a place to 1 convey information about your knowledge of the field, your research interests, and your fit with the department; 2 show that you’re a pleasant, confident person who isn’t arrogant or otherwise irritating; and 3 prove your ability to structure information in a concise, logical way. If you’re also asked for a writing sample, that’s the place for creativity, I think. For essays to research-based doctoral programs, it’s important to remember the following issues: Oh, I agree entirely.

December 17, at 9: The essay can make or break a person’s chances for admission, which is probably true at most schools. Literacy Coach Applicants to the Literacy Coach strand of the Language and Literacy program must possess a minimum of three years of K teaching experience. It is a chance to introduce yourself and describe who you are, what your background is, and what is important to you. You are commenting using your WordPress. I wanted to learn more so that I could do more, and one of my professors recommended that HGSE was the place that I needed to go to learn. Language and Literacy Ed.

Applications for the Ph. You have to keep in mind that while some admissions members might find something creative a breath of fresh air, there are others like your sister who would find it irritating.

Have you clearly articulated your potential research interests? Principal Licensure If you are interested in the Principal Licensure strand of the School Leadership program, you must submit the following items with the application:.

Read the instructions carefully as well — font size, type and number of pages should all be kept in mind when you start writing. Civic leadership and learning are important components of this mission. Always leave em wanting more. I made that my theme and only included things that supported that theme. Doctor of Education Leadership.


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Change of Address Form. Symbols Created with Sketch. If your sister works in admissions I would take her suggestions. Interviews Once all applications have been reviewed, HGSE will invite selected applicants to campus for a day of required interviews both individual and statejent with members of the admissions committee. Request for Library Purchase.

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Edited November 22, by roguesenna. This requires carefully researching the school or program to which you are applying.

You may choose courses from any of Harvard’s affiliated faculties although at least half of your total credits must be from Persona courses. Skip to main content. Please list the dates and locations of your teaching employment in a Word document and upload it in the Employment section of the online application. Please note that the admissions committee will carefully consider both the content and the writing in its assessment of your candidacy for graduate study at HGSE.

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It helped me to break down the questions into different elements so that my statement answered it all. Posted January 3, Select individuals interested in taking courses without entering a program may apply to study as a non-degree student.

If someone had told me a year ago that I would be at Harvard University writing a paper for a course with famed educator and sociologist Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot statemeht, I would statemment have believed them.


I think if you wouldn’t say it to them out loud, you probably don’t want to write it. My SOP gets right to the point. I spent the first few days working to identify the program that would be the best fit for me. I thought maybe grad schools expected something more practical.

What are you looking for in the statement of purpose? The mission of the Harvard Graduate School of Education is to prepare leaders in education and to generate knowledge to improve student opportunity, achievement, and success.

hgse personal statement

As I think about the readings that I have done for my classes and the papers that I am in the process of writing, it is almost funny to see how those very things that I wrote about in my personal statement are the very things that I am learning how to do.

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We prefer that our doctoral applicants identify potential faculty with whom they might work to produce the dissertation. I understand that not all of us are crystal clear about our future career choices but having some focus does help. Programs with additional instructions Human Development and Psychology Please note that the following programs would like you to address additional topics in your Statement personap Purpose: