Question — When I will file for renewal days before the current h4ead expiration, will it be renewed for 3 years or only until May ? So do we need to submit all of the following: My wife is arriving to US next week and my H1 B extension which is filed under Premium Processing is in progress and I anticipate I would get the receipt number by next week. How to apply and get h1b. Also can i send my wife’s application along with mine in the same envelope. Is it enough if the passport bio page and visa page alone are submitted for this? What address should I file?

Do I need to submit any W2 or Payslip copies? Many people take franchise option. USCIS withdrawal letter does not need notarization. Also, its Birth Certificate with Photo Id — it means you need to submit birth certificate and another document like DL having the photo. If any issue is raised by USCIS later with respect to your withdrawal or current status, you can submit the certified mail receipt and copy of letter as a proof that you did request a withdrawal.

A small business insurance is highly recommended if you want to protect your investment. Yes, submit bio pages from both passports and all visa stamps valid and canceled from old passport. Many people take franchise option. Is it Chicago or Vermont Service center? I need to apply for my wife’s renewal.


EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist…

The form will be submitted along with I H1 renewal and I H4 renewal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You should have a proof that you sent this letter. Thanks Saurabh for the quick response!

Sample H4 EAD Cover Letter

Hi Kumar, Can you please suggest me on below situation. Question 29 in Ireferenced here: Both I and my wife h4 got our visas stamped during last India trip and we happened to renew our passports during the same eda.

Your wife will only get wad based on your H1B extended approval date if she is carrying the H1B i and shows it at the port of entry. Check the link to know answers of other questions.

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h4 ead cover letter sample

When submitting the EAD application, you need to submit copies of I and Attach this form at top of the EAD application package. That will help it trace your file. Can we apply for Letter EAD based on the receipt? You must log in or register to reply here.

h4 ead cover letter sample

Birth certificate with photo, passport bio pages, visa stamping and national identity document. My wife has H4 visa stamped as per my last petition which has the date of validity as 25th August Is it necessary for the primary applicant to send the H1 document. You can apply for next year quota that starts from April 1st of This is a lot of good info. No need to notarize.


H4 EAD Sample Form I-765, Documents Required

Can somebody give me list of documents which are required mandatory. Yes, submit I copy of both H-1 and H-4 visa holder. Application for Employment Authorization.

I plan to submit my renewal for my EAD using paper based method. This news release says it needs to go to Chicago lockbox after April 1, Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Submitting bio page of the passport should be enough.

Hi, I just wanted to know that can h4 visa holder will be eligable to work in usa,nd if its so then what would be the formality.

I am on h4 visa. Deep, Just bio and visa pages. Should I re-enter the A from here, or should I leave this blank, because I do not have a A for at this time.