Are we dying more than we should? Why then did it not work? In CoF path 2 the accepted strat is to have 2 people in the room kiting mobs and when one dies another steps in so that there is always a flow of people coming from the waypoint. The 5 second rule is due to the DPS a condition can do, as well as some enemies will stack many conditions. So I check back at the anvil every few deaths until it hits that point. Perhaps I should explain on which computer I am playing this game. This was fulfilled by someone, thank you VERY very much!

The crux of your argument seems to be that we were somehow doing it wrong because it was easy for you and hard for us. But everyone loves the Overly Attached Charr. I reached 25 without ever needing to do anything other than rolling my head on my keyboard, and the first dungeon is available at level 30? AC story starts off very slow, in a room where you manually spawn one enemy at a time until a miniboss shows up. Im pretty broke in the Game since i try to Build my guild and am also heavily into Fashion wars. However, Norn rarely do this?

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It doesnt like it for some reason as the. The traps should not be able to two-shot you, and the Ascalonian ghosts should not be so absurdly powerful. The server still tracked me as just inside the circle, even though on my screen I had safely escaped. Shamus gets it spot on: Now all you have to do is get a WoW character to max level, compare it to this, and you will have a true understanding of why so many people love WoW: The faction heroes squabble like idiot tweens.


I have the perfect example. With that said, it seems like the problem here is one WoW used to have: You can toss boulders at them for knockback.

I am not sure if mini packs can be given or traded but I would love to have a few minis like the hawk, owl, raven, tiger, red panda, fox and little kittens. The wrongness is so intense and so comprehensive that fixing it would require a redesign from the conception stage. No, minibosses are champions. So in other words, you need a specific build and cannot play how you want, as you can in the rest of the game. This is singularly unsatisfying gameplay.

Thesis on Basic Speed

Rangers are the ones in my group most likely to finish the combo I start. It was easy once we came back. A while back I talked about how infuriatingly stupid the faction heroes are in Guild Wars 2. I submit that not all abilities are useful in all situations, and thus you could construct a build which would fail miserably.

The best Thesiz can think of off the top of my head, as an Engineer, is to take Cleansing Formula and overload on Elixirs.

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I added the two people mentioned in the original guild post but they never seem to be online or something. I hate Trahearne so freaking much. spee

My complaint about explorable mode dungeons? The things I espoused my by first post are by no means class specific, with the exception of the Condition curing. News

Force can be multiplied with various factors for great effect. What I am asking here is one of two things: The classes are not broken and do not need to be fiddled with. Take another trait, Spiteful Removal When you kill something, remove a condition from yourself.


gw2 thesis on speed

Yeah, I have to admit I was pretty down on Tybalt until gww2 one thing happened that made it impossible to hate him. If so, then I would kick so much ass in these dungeons. Are you saying there is no way to prove that the bottle neck it’s self is usb 3?

I was hanging about in the level 80 zone last night and while I saw a large number of people looking for teams for Karma farms and an almost constant Zerg on the various zone bosses I saw almost nobody looking for a team for Arah and the people who were looking wanted Story Mode, not Exploration Mode.

I speeed only encountered this on rare occasions, and thesjs always chalked it up to an unfortunate half-second of lag.

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My Charr Ranger is called Scootilipoop. Just because spee did not personally experience a clusterfuck in AC and describe it such does not make her comments about clusterfucks inapplicable. She traveled, learned, spoke, killed; nearly died several times in return. Pikko was never a creature for comfort. He morphed from butt monkey into comic relief.