At one point Jere asks him to bend the law and allow the couple to go on with the ceremony but he declines. There is a possibility of starting a new era of a better political regime. People watch in silence as the disease spreads deep inside. This aspect portrays him as sycophantic. His brother Adika was shot dead during a demonstration held by the university students.

It is the level of instruction that enables individuals to acquire regard and acknowledgment. In conclusion, the theme of betrayal runs through the text like we have seen above, it has taken personal, political and cultural dimensions. There is a possibility of starting a new era of a better political regime. Mosese is arrested and imprisoned for protesting the mistreatment of the family of his late student Adika during the funeral, weeping in public is made illegal for the academic staff. Nicodemus —the one who set up Mosese -is the second one to arrive. In the play Betrayal in the city, we come across such leaders.

Betrayal in the city

I like your analysis as it aims at improving the understanding of the play. He wants everything to go his way and cannot stand anyone who appears to block his orders and decisions and he cannot brook dissent. Boss also tries to take advantage of Regina forcefully. He openly shows his disrespect by talking betraywl about the evils of the government. He boasts that their demonstration against expatriate personnel resulted to nothing but the death of a student and the imprisonment of a senior lecturer.

For example, the academic staff members should not weep in public for whatever reason, and if they do, they end up in prison like Mosese. He informs Tumbo and Nicodemo that Kabito has been involved in a fatal accident during the one hour break.


This was aimed at instilling fear in the people. I promise to use it only to send you Advance Africa Newsletter.

He manages to reverse the termination of his tender by soliciting assistance from boss. These include humour, irony, play-within-a-play, proverbs, …. Jusper has come to inform Tumbo that he is no longer interested in writing the play for the event. cify


He lies that Kabito died following a road accident which he blames on driving under the influence of alcohol. Scene III It takes place in the same room the committee had met in earlier.

Oppression breeds misery and conflict. When people try to practice their rights under an intolerable government, they land in trouble. Flashback … Click here to write your own. His brother Adika was shot dead during a demonstration held by ….

She pleads with him to stop clashing with the authorities. He is over-excited that they have successfully carried out the coup. He has signed the death warrants of very many innocent people including Kabito, Adika, Doga and Nina. A peaceful demonstration by university students betrwyal violently dispersed leading to the death of a student; Adika. Later on, he gives Jere a bible.

Essay questions on Betrayal in the City – kkiarien

He fails in his duty to set up a writing competition, feigns ignorance that it took place and gives the opportunity to Jusper who grabs it to turn against the president and his cronies. He also helps brings out the character franvis Tumbo as sycophantic. Government officials such as Askari and Mulili are satirized for their cruelty.


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Betrayal in the City Essay

He also gives jobs to expatriates in return for foreign donations and funding. Jusper, an elite, questionx actively involved in ousting the oppressive regime it is he who writes the controversial play through which they overthrow the government.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

He carries out tasks for the leader of Kafira. He is hateful and we do not sympathize with him when Jusper kills him. Despite his limited education, he has managed to acquire wealth and enjoys immense influence owing to his close association to the Boss.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

Boss has amassed so much wealth from the state through corrupt deals and kept millions in foreign bank accounts. Those ezsay power are corrupt or materialistic. Write a composition to illustrate how materialism or greed have been used by Bertolt Bretch in his play the Caucasian Chalk Circle. He says in the past, they had gy once a year and they had a reason to celebrate, but now there is nothing to celebrate about.

essay questions on betrayal in the city by francis imbuga

He talks back at Tumbo regardless of his powerful office.