Neighbors and friends send trays filled with treats to each other. I consent to the processing of my personal data Inserting your personal data in this form you give your consent to the processing of your personal data. Virtual tours Tashkent Samarkand Bukhara Khiva. Sumalyak is cooked slowly on a wood fire, sometimes with the addition of spices. Navruz is a spring festival held throughout Central Asia on March 21s around the time of the vernal spring equinox, which used to mark the beginning of a new year. Well, if this stone or a nut will be in your bowl of sumalak, you should rejoice, because the whole year will be successful and happy for you!

Originating in Persia and long associated with the ancient Zoroastrian religion , its name means “new day” in Farsi because for ancient Persians it marked the first day of the New Year. During Navruz, special dishes are cooked and gifts are exchanged between friends, relatives, neighbors. Neighbors and friends send trays filled with treats to each other. Women play a key role in organizing Novruz and passing on its traditions. The wheat is put in water until it begins to sprout. Celebrations of spring are a natural outgrowth of the Earth’s rhythms.

But the main meal of the Novruz table is pilaf.

The holiday celebrates the day in the spring when day and night are equal, and is the start of a new year. March 21 is the main celebration, but for the next 13 days it is common practice to visit friends and relatives, buy and plant seedlings of fruit trees and have cheerful gatherings in the fresh spring air. Carpets, windows and curtains are cleaned. How do you uzbekishan it? In my country We celebrate with cleaning in my house with family at new year’s day.

Spring festival of Navruzthe oriental New Yearis directly connected with the coming of spring and is celebrated on 21 Marchon the spring vernal equinoxwhen day becomes equal to night uzbrkistan continues to win from it several minutes with every next turn of the Earth, and when the New Solar Year brings a new phase of renewal. They mustn’t grow more than five centimeters.


Along with samani, painted eggs, and baked holiday sweets set a festive mood. Songs and dances are common to almost all the regions, as are semi-sacred family or public meals. In the evening of the last Wednesday before Nowruz, bonfires are lit and people jump over the flames. As with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, there are traditions associated with the first visitor to the house during Navruz.

Scheduled dates of travel: After 5 hours the color will begin to change. Kos-Kosa represents the winter, Kechal — the spring. For this reason, it is traditional to end quarrels, forgive debts and overlook enmity and insults. People make special preparations for the holiday: During the holidays young fruit trees are traditionally planted in orchards and parks. In a Tadjik household, the owner of a house or his elder sons must prepare fried shish kebab and a sweet pilaf made of rice and other cereals.


The composition of haft sina is one of the kn Navruz rituals. It marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated on the vernal equinox, March — the beginning of the astronomical New Year. Via e-mail Via phone.

Unlike the western New Year traditions, Navruz is celebrated during daytime hours within the family circle.

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

By doing this spring cleaning, people wash away the bad things from the previous year and prepare for better things to come in the new year. Hi mavis and thanks for the feedback!


Navruz – the New Year by the natural calendar

Ashiq and folk music concerts are held countrywide on this day. I live in Ilam it’s small city in west of Iran with beautiful nature.

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

To submit the form you need to consent to the processing of personal data. Traditionally, people forgive their enemies, make amends, help the poor, and cleanse their houses and consciences for a good start to a new year.

essay about novruz holiday in uzbekistan

Uzbeks observe Muslim holidays: Sumalyak is cooked slowly on a wood fire, sometimes with the uzgekistan of spices. Navruz dishes The main tradition of Navruz is to cook famous dishes, which are so loved by children and adults. Instead of Valentine’s Day, the authorities are trying instead to promote the study and appreciation of a local hero, the Moghul emperor Babur, whose birthday falls on 14 February.

Navruz Holiday in Uzbekistan

On the day of Navruz, all housekeeping – including the preparation of the meal, careful cleaning of the home and the arrangement of blossoming branches from apricot, peach, almond or pomegranate trees – must be completed before the rising of the morning star. On March 21, Kazakh and Kyrgyz households fumigate their homes with smoke from the burning of archa twigs a coniferous tree of Central Asian that grows mainly in mountainous areas.

The history of Navruz The spring New Year’s holiday – Navruz, originated in Khorasan a historical region of Iran over years ago, almost simultaneously with the origination of agriculture, spread to all neighboring countries.