Interestingly enough they don’t find immigration good. Just putting food on the table and having their hildren be able to go to school past the fourth grade was a struggle. She does not want to see her children grow up in extreme poverty as did she so she heads to the United States to try and find work, and she promises the children that she will return soon. Skip to main content. Overcoming Adversity on Mount Everest. It gives you a different perspective on life.

Lourdes had provided money to put them past third grade, but all the money in the world will not bring you love and soon boys start developing resentment towards their mother realizing that she abandoned them and she is never coming back. This inspired Sonia Nazario to write about Enrique, who was 17 at the time, whom she met at a shelter in Nuevo Laredo fter shadowing him and hearing about his journey up North. Then she boards an airplane back to Honduras. However, it simply was not worth it. This feeling would not last long because what comes up must come down. Sonia Nazario was amazed at hearing about this story, and started to research the journeys that people traveling from Central America and Mexico endured in order to come to the United States.

We will write a custom essay sample on. She was not as successful in the country of opportunities as much as she was hoping.

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In the end they also have their reward, but like pointed out in the quote above we need to examine if it truly is worth it. Log In Sign Up. Similarly is the case for Enrique where he experienced a brief satisfaction of finally meeting his mother and she began to brag about her son: After a struggle with alcohol addiction, he finds a job to neriques his girlfriend and their new born child.


Their country lacks opportunities, so they opt to the United States to find it, because they have what it takes for a person to make the best of life. He wants to save enough money to be able to get Maria and his daughter to the United Sates so that they can provide a better life for their daughter.

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He jumps squarely onto the bed next to her. They talk of giving up.

enriques journey essay introduction

Belky basically states that no matter what it is best to stick close to family rather than go on an unnecessary expedition pursuing what is less important. Enrique missed her a lot and always dreamt of reuniting with his mother.

Lourdes had provided money to put them past third grade, but all the money in the world will not bring you love and soon essay start developing resentment towards their mother realizing that introductioj abandoned them and she is never coming back.

BBC, 22 May Many have attempted both journeys, in Central America there is always many migrants who attempt to make their way north and find a way across the Mexican border into America. He gives her a hug. The reasons are numerous as to why they would want to enter America such as gain employment and joueney family back home.

The lengths that the migrants kntroduction, despite the horrific conditions, to make it across the border safely were truly remarkable.

enriques journey essay introduction

He did it, through all the pain he suffered through travel he made it to the summit. As a teenager Enrique struggles with addiction and has a girlfriend who gets pregnant. After elven years, Enrique decides to go and find his mother.


Enriques Journey Essay

The Himalaya and the Makers of Their Enriqyes. Even in a book titled, The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, who is also the narrator, we can see an example of how leaving from one comfortable place to the next can be a very depressing situation: Click here to sign up. He decided to go forth on this deadly trek. Back in Honduras, Maria is raising their daughter, and Enrique sends money back to help them just as his mother did for them.

Essaj Honduras to the United States it is roughly 3, kilometers. He raises enough money to contact his mother, and helps him get across the river into the United States. At that point he decides to go to the United States to meet his mother. Soon, Enrique and Lourdes are finally reunited in over a decade, and he moves in with her and starts to work.

If Lourdes had not done so, he would have never gone through so much danger. He becomes very frustrated about the situation with his mother and also the death of his rssay, starts to rebel and turn to drugs for comfort, which led Enrique to being kicked out of his introducyion home. Because Lourdes decided to stay in America it leads to Enrique taking a big risk.

Enrique does not cease. It gives you a different perspective on life. The love of a mother is something you cannot replace with anything else.

enriques journey essay introduction