See grade boundaries for previous series. Find out more below about the services available. This will be in keeping with other Awarding Organisations, and will offer the following advantages:. We’ve made available examples of marked work to help exemplify the mark scheme level descriptors. We will send a letter, summarising the results of the initial appeals investigation, normally within 5 calendar weeks of receipt of the letter of appeal. General Conditions of Recognition.

Do I need to carry out internal standardisation of marking? For each student you should submit the raw mark out of Please see the guidance on submitting marks. Where is the mark scheme? The information below gives a description of each service, completion deadline and list of qualifications where the services are available. You can ask us to review the marking of exam papers for individual candidates and the results for each candidate will be reported separately.

The double marking should continue until you are satisfied that you have achieved comparability.

Post-results services

It includes a reminder of the submission deadline, the materials you need to send to the moderator, and lots of other useful advice and links. When you log in to Edexcel Online and go to the coursework mark submission screen there will be a tick next to the candidates’ names that need to be sent for moderation. However, private candidates may foursework directly without the support of the entering centre.

What happens if I make an error when submitting coursework marks?

Submitting A level History coursework in Summer 2018

courzework However if, as a centre, you have concerns regarding the marking for a component or subject cohort, you should submit requests for reviews of marking for all candidates you believe to be affected. Support topics Services Training Key dates Resources. General qualifications post results services and support You’ll find information about the subject-specific criteria on the relevant qualification page.


If you’re a centre with a concern about a student’s results, you can use our post-results services.

Coursework, controlled assessment and non-exam assessment (NEA) | Pearson qualifications

Requests must be made through Edexcel Online and you will receive an automatic confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of the application. If, for some reason, you’re unable to send the work for a particular student, you should send the work of an equivalent student with a similar mark.

However, in subjects with minimum requirements a candidate who submits less than this minimum requirement must be given a mark of zero. If you have used our A level History coursework advisory service you should send the moderator a copy of the feedback proforma s you received.

We can’t accept late requests, so please ensure that you retain your confirmation emails. They will be available to download from results day.

We will normally expect centres to contribute towards the costs of appeal investigations and hearings. You might consider this service if the results for one candidate are unexpected hidtory to the rest of the cohort. Access Edexcel Online If you need to be set up with an Edexcel Online account please ask your exams officer.

edexcel history coursework remark

Initial marking may be done in pencil until you are satisfied that you are applying the marking criteria accurately and consistently; please then go over your marks and comments in ink. Getting Started guide Before submitting their work for final assessment, candidates ihstory sign a declaration of authentication, which must be included with their work.


Who is my moderator and what is their address?

Our approach to managing all post-results services is to ensure that every candidate has a result that courseworkk reflects their performance, to maintain confidence in our qualifications and outcomes.

That senior examiner or moderator will not have had any involvement in the original marking or moderation of the component. This may result in a complete reassessment of your centre’s work. Internally assessed work must be marked in accordance with the assessment criteria stated in the specification and any guidance in subject-specific instructions for the conduct of examinations.

If, following an appeal hearing, the centre remains dissatisfied, it may submit an appeal to: General qualifications post-results service availability by unit UK Centres must ensure that candidates are clear about the assessment criteria that they’re expected to meet in their coursework and controlled assessment tasks. We will acknowledge each letter of appeal within two working days of receipt, at which point, we will provide further written guidance on the Pearson appeals process.

Access exam scripts for free. Step 1 You mark the remarkk assessed work for every candidate using the detailed assessment criteria or marking schemes published by Edexceland arrange candidates in order of merit. This page gives you some guidelines on marking internally assessed work, and explains how the moderation process works.

edexcel history coursework remark

This update contains a quick summary of how to submit A level History coursework marks and samples.