One contestant is picked from the studio audience. The segment is sponsored by the milk brand Alaska. The grand draw was held at the PhilSports Arena. Throughout the jackpot round, the host makes a cash offer that would make the player think if he’ll go through with the game or withdraw with the offer. It is a promotional segment sponsored by the Philippine mobile network Globe. He then received his own portion and ultimately became a regular host of the show.

Ka-Voice ni Idol , to further emphasize the voice impersonation aspect of the competition. It is a Facebook promo where the contestants must send their photos showing them watching Eat Bulaga! The searcher and the candidate will stand on different sides facing each other and will undergo through four stages. A studio host draws an entry from a box containing registration forms and calls the phone number to confirm the lucky winner’s name and address. Four wishers from the studio audience are chosen where their wishes are granted.

The barangay hosts also attempt to answer questions that netizens ask through the show’s Twitter or Facebook page. They junw win whatever the amount is inside the box. Give Love on Christmas Day is a segment that fulfills the simple wishes and dreams of the needy during the Christmas season.

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It is a compatibility and dating game for bachelors and bachelorettes, and the aim of the segment is to find bulga perfect partner from a pool of romantic interests for the searcher. Bayanihan of d’Pipol that features stories of men who can do laundry, the winners will win a cash prize and gift packs from the segment’s sponsor Ariel.

A notable contestant is comedian and former Eat Bulaga! Music Hero is a talent competition for children and young adults who are musically skilled. It is the predecessor to the iconic solvihg more popular Super Sireynaa beauty pageant for trans women first aired in Each chosen audience members will receive a P10, cash prize and a selfie photo with the Eat Bulaga!



One teammate is given the secret word that his teammates must guess. Each contestant will be given five seconds to answer for each clue given. It is a segment where 4 contestants, chosen from the studio audience, must guess the total price, from a given price range, of the grocery items that will be given to the winner of this portion.

It is a contest for overweight women and a revival of the Fat-Talbugan segment. Red, Yellow, and Green.

Arte de Gulat is a charades challenge that was featured as a segment sometime in Over time, the segment has given other prizes as well. The cards are flipped to reveal the number, and the player with the higher value wins the round.

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It is a dance contest for child dance groups that serves as a promotional segment for My Big Bossinga comedy anthology film starring Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon. The pair with the best production and the best swap wins. It is a special project annually held during Bossing Vic Sotto’s birthday, where Vic requests for the viewers and audience to donate pencils and notebooks that eolving be given to the children that are in need of school materials.

The segment has several reincarnations throughout the years, with the mechanics of several reincarnations slightly tweaked and added several challenges and twists, solviny as GuhEat Bulaga!

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It is a special segment that follows the updates of the LorNie couple leading up to their wedding. The Ultimate Battle is a special segment for the show’s 38th anniversary wherein selected hosts would have a dance battle featuring the dance contests, hits, and crazes that were popularized by Eat Bulaga! Babylimpics is a game segment for infants and toddlers. Contestants play a more competitive version of party gamessuch as freeze dance and potato sack race.


The first contestant to give the correct answer will move on to the next cycle of questioning where he or she will compete with other contestants who answered correctly. The segment delivers most of its stories about Filipino personalities using tongue-in-cheek jokes and double entendres to discuss certain rumors and issues.

eat bulaga problem solving june 25 2015

In case of a tie, the lowest number of uune hit in the game will determine the winner. The contestants go through several sets of cuts until only seven groups are left to compete in the grand finals held on Eat Bulaga!

eat bulaga problem solving june 25 2015

Little Miss Philippines is one of the most famous signature segments of Eat Bulaga! The segment is one the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya-Gaya, Puto Maya. The picturist uses a touchscreen and a stylus to draw their picture. The segment is one of the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya Gaya, Puto Maya. Two notable contestants of the segment are singer and stand-up comedian Anton Diva and actor and television host Vice Ganda who made it to the finals round of the competition.

It is a sponsored segment intended to promote the American musical comedy sloving Can’t Stop the Music as well as to hype up the Village People’s concert then in Manila.