Last week we had a drinks reception with our finalists. My research ranges from the Enliightenment, Romanticism and Classicism to nineteenth-century varieties of Realism, Modernisms and contemprary literature. The aim of the Dissertation module is for you to deepen your knowledge of one aspect of your studies by researching and writing in the target language an extensive piece of work in an area relevant to one of the optional modules that you are taking at final year level. Another excellent talk in our School Lecture Series. By focusing specifically on questions of relevant intercultural interest, students will develop as international citizens so that they can make a positive contribution to an increasingly globalized society.

These will be specialists, publishing internationally recognized books and articles in their research fields. Full details of the supervision contact hours and the requirements for formative and summative assessment are given in the relevant module outline in the Faculty Handbook. My research focusses on Caribbean and Mexican cultures. I specialise in modern Middle Eastern literatures, film and cultures with a particular interest in the relationship between health, illness and disability. Another excellent talk in our School Lecture Series. For all second years starting to plan their year abroad or any MLAC students who are already on their year away check out this article by Caitlin Bodfish on How to Make Spanish Friends.

I also work on medieval and Renaissance Italian literature as well as neo-Latin humanist commentaries.

Study and Assessment This section answers the following questions: I am familiar with medieval culture more widely and could potentially supervise projects bringing in medieval material in other languages Latin, Italian, English especiallyor interdisciplinary projects dialoguing with medieval history, visual culture, law, philosophy, theology or political theory.

Russian Professor Andy Byford. My interest in translation is centred mainly on the development of the 19th-century Arabic translation movement and, concomitantly, the changes that occurred in Modern Standard Arabic as a result of it. I am very happy for students to take forward ideas related to the subjects, texts, and critical approaches covered in my teaching at levels I and II, or to develop ideas related specifically to the content of my final-year module, Sex and Society in Spanish Literature to My final-year module is Anthropocene Animals: The primary focus of my research and teaching is early modern French literature and culture.

My research focuses primarily on theatre and literature, particularly on censorship, the representation of history and memory, and cinematic adaptations of plays and novels.


durham dissertation mlac

In order to facilitate the allocation of supervisors, these proposals must be substantially differentiated from one another, and will need to correspond to areas of specialism of two different MLAC research staff, as set out in the list on the Dissedtation website. Dr Penny Johnson penelope. The module aims to offer students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of an aspect or aspects of their studies by researching and writing a research project in the target language in an area in which the School can offer specialized supervision.


Previous dissertation topics include: In recent times, I have also developed an interest in the legacy of Rome as the global capital of the arts, with a particular focus on the worldwide dissemination of nineteenth-century Christian imagery through art, literature and silent cinema.

When you return to Durham in your final year, your topic will be firmed up through discussions with your allocated supervisor and your title will be approved early in Michaelmas term. In addition to a series of dissertation dissertaton and methodology lectures in the Michaelmas term, over the course of the academic year you will receive one-on-one tutorials with your supervisor, which in some cases, where appropriate, may be combined with small-group seminars for example, when there are two or three students working on similar topics.

On Research Leavenot available for Dissertation supervision My main area of research is dissertatikn and seventeenth century print culture in Iberia, Spanish America and Brazil, focusing on questions at the intersection of the history of science and medicine with literary studies.

My final-year module is Latin American Environmental Politics: Particular attention should be paid to your choice of tied module cultural diwsertationwhich, with the exception of non-core language modules including translation and interpreting modulescan be any level 3 cultural module you think could be of use to your dissertation.

Poetry, Masculinity and Nation in C19th France. The specific topic of each TLRP will be agreed with the supervisor, and students will follow an agreed programme of reading whilst supplementing their work by displaying evidence of independent research skills and initiative.

Writing the dissertation will provide experience in planning, documenting and writing a relatively extensive piece of work 5, words in the target language or 8, diasertation in English ; it will also increase your facility for expressing yourself at a suitable academic level and in presenting and referencing academic writing. From the ups and downs, to the dissertatio lessons, and the amazing friends you made while you were away, share your year abroad stories on social media with the SupportStudyAbroad …Tweet your local MPs, tell your friends, tell your family!


I am interested in questions mllac authorship, performance practices, violence disserttation ethics. I am also interested in the period of European modernism, and more specifically in the notions of subjectivity and fragmentation, which I have researched extensively in the works of Samuel Beckett and Carlo Emilio Gadda.

School of Modern Languages & Cultures : Dissertation Specialisms and Topics – Durham University

I have also written about some of the ways in which Russian poetry comes into contact with other media, such xurham painting and cinema. The academic skills of managing an extended project, collecting and analysing information, critically assessing sources and arguments, communicating your findings clearly and persuasively according to professional presentational requirements, and showing intellectual creativity and problem-solving ability are all central to the graduate attributes you are expected to demonstrate at the end of a degree programme see the Undergraduate Level Descriptors in the University’s Core Regulations.

I specifically research and publish on the drama of Miguel de Cervantes. I am available to supervise dissertations on most areas of Renaissance French literature durjam culture whether or not they directly align with my own interests as well as the areas of medieval and Renaissance Italian literature on which I have some expertise.

Students must submit the online dissertation proposal form by a deadline towards the end of Easter term. On Research Leavenot available for Dissertation supervision My research focuses on twentieth- and twenty-first century French and comparative literature and visual culture. In each instance, comments and feedback will be given to the student on standardized TLRP feedback forms.

durham dissertation mlac

My research is in nineteenth- and twentieth-century German and Austrian literature and culture. I specialise in modern Middle Eastern literatures, film and cultures with a particular interest in the relationship between health, illness and disability.

durham dissertation mlac

Suggested areas that students might like to consider but are certainly not limited to include: It is your responsibility to agree deadlines for formative work with your supervisor, meet those deadlines and attend supervision meetings.