You can roam the campus freely but the next mission is over near the fountain, Squishy wants to talk again. You now get a choice of missions, you can get one from Squishy, another from Art, the purple pair of legs over to the west of the fountain, and a third from the yellow guy to the east of the School of Scaring. And the first thing to remove toilet paper from is the fountain itself, to do that just walk up near to it and press the Scare button to scare the toilet paper off it. To find the student simply follow the green arrow to the front of the building to the east side of the campus. At least some of the Frat Row Missions will need to have been completed, and at least the Half Pipe will need to have been purchased from the Toy Store and added to the bike park.

Head down the path to the left of the trees and approach the statue. The next standee to knock over is on the grass ahead to the right, then the last three are all around the fountain. Go up the normal brick jump and then there’s another just before the climb up to the top. A white tentacle monster south of the entrance to Frat Row. In this mission you need to shoot the three Fear Tech students with paintballs, just run around and shoot at them. The monster outside it will give you some odd information, ignore it if you’re not playing co-op it just means that you can’t be at, say, Fear Tech and Frat Row at the same time but you can be at Monsters University and one other place and just go through the tunnel to Frat Row. Go down the tunnel and follow it along until you get out the other side.

Launcher to “decorate” the football monument on Fear Tech’s campus.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

The follow up mission from Squishy asks you to go rescue a student from the top of the library building, unfortunately the arrow is only useful in finding the building and not the way up. Night falls on Fear Tech so the students will now be carrying torches which doesn’t really mean much but you can see them easierhead east to the far end of campus and then north along the backs of the buildings.


An orange tentacle monster to the east of the entrance to Frat Row.

Do the infiniyy thing for the second banner on the other part of the building. Talk to Don Carlton after helping out Randy. This also unlocks the Bike Park Half Pipe.

Monsters University: Homework Hero – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

He’s found patrolling the building to the left of the Fear Hall building, start sneaking as soon as you see him and follow him around until you get close enough to scare him. The fifth is by the ledges going straight up the corner after the normal bricks.

Talk to Art outside the Library after unlocking the buttons.

The dsney one is to your right, watch out for the student as you head to the corner next to the gargoyle. At some point it’ll recognise you’ve finished and award you with a Vender Ender. Scare the posters off of University Hall. You can also use the large paint cannons at the edges to shoot them if you like.

Smash them all to complete the mission. Walk up to it and press the secondary attack button to scare it. There’s disnney couple more missions unlocked now if you jump down off the building and head over to the south side of the campus.

Wasting no time Randy will appear by the pen to give you this next mission. Once he’s knocked out start climbing the ledges above the door to get up to the next floor.

Another mission that you have to guess that you even have. To get up onto the house you can just climb the lamppost and slide over the wire to it, climb the one on the opposite side of the road so you slide in the correct direction.

Disney infinity homework hero mission

The flagpole is at the back, sneak around wakkthrough scare the student standing next to it, then climb it to finish the mission. Squishy wants you to start the cleanup of the Monsters University campus, walk forwards through the gate to the small Fear Tech sign that’s along the side of the path. Go over to it and open it up to get your new gadget.


Go around the side and jump up some more ledges sticking out of the wall to get to the very top and go back to the front of the building where the flagpole is.

Head through the gate to the west of the School of Scaring, it’ll open now that you’ve got a Paintball Gun, and go through to the Paintball Arena.

Disney Infinity Walkthrough – Monsters University: Football Wrapper

There’s a purple spotty monster up on the roof of a building to the west of the Fear Tech fountain, climb a nearby building to get across to it. This will open up the Monster Customisation where you can customise monsters. There are several students wandering around that you’ll need to scare or avoid.

That’ll unlock the Cracklin’ Backpack and tell you to head back to Fear Tech to get started with walkthrlugh next mission. Return to Randall to get this next mission, the guy you’re targetting can go invisible but you should be able to see his outline easily enough.

To get over simply Decorate the nearby bulletin board to use the Give ’em a Hand Launcher, make sure to aims over the fence rather than into the gate. Go through the gate to the north-west and climb up the Clock Tower again, the same way you did when rescuing Terri and Terry. To start climbing the Clock Tower first approach the fencing on the back of it, there’s a blue heo sticking out of the ground, scare it to form a platform to get up to the wooden platform in the scaffolding.

The blue winged monster to the south of the Fear Tech fountain starts this mission.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

The yellow horned guy up on the roof to the east of the fountain has this quest ready for you.