This section includes the period when the study was conducted starting from the preparation of outline to the writing of the manuscript. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Journal article without DOI, retrieved online [Note: Reason for conducting performance evaluation. What problems are encountered by the respondents regarding the existing practices of the human resource management in Cavite State University? When the authors of a source are not part of the formal structure of the sentence, both the authors and year of publication appear in parentheses.

The overall mean of 3. They are considered assets, the most important and critical resource in the growth and development of an organization. Do not include the date of retrieval. To learn whether an article has been assigned a DOI, go to http: For articles retrieved from databases, include the URL of the journal home page. This is the affirmative acceptance and worth of something. The role of HRM within organizations varies greatly between organizations and countries.

In this study, it refers to the human resource management practices of Cavite State University in terms of recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, promotion and personnel development. With the foregoing review of related literature and studies on personnel administration, personnel policies and practices, the researcher had been provided with a deeper understanding on the subject matter.

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Includes title, journal, volume, pages for journal article or title, city of publication, publisher for book. The age of the respondents ranged from 21 to more than 65 years old with a mean of 39 years. As such, HRM techniques, when properly practiced, are expressive of the goals and operating practices of the enterprise overall. It is also the most appropriate method to use to obtain adequate and accurate interpretation of the data gathered for this research.


This problem is common among government-owned and run institutions Malabanan, ; Mendoza, The chi square coefficient of Figures begin on a separate page.

In the past, HR executives were frequently excluded from the corporate planning process or else planning for the most effective use of human resource was at best, haphazard. The fact fhesis HR departments help in times of organizational change to enhance communication channels suggests that without HR departments, organizations would seriously lack basic organizational capabilities which threaten the viability of implementing change.

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Research on religion and mental health in later life: Part II included questions which elicited the present practices of the Human Resource Management Office of the Cavite State University in terms of recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, promotion and personnel development. Universities, big as they are, tend to attract and recruit only those who are sure to fit the current job available.

cvsu thesis sample

Reason for performance evaluation. Personnel granted with development programs. In other words, a significant difference exists between the perceptions of academic and non-academic groups with regards to the means of recruiting personnel. Synonyms such as personnel management are often used in a more restricted sense to describe activities that are necessary in the recruiting of a workforce, providing its members with payroll and benefits, and administrating their work-life needs Legge, K.

Prior studies have generally addressed the relationship between HRM practices and performance in big sector organizations De Belen, ; Bendo Jr. In this study, the present practices of Cavite State University in terms of recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, promotion and personnel development. Sanctions received by the personnel if they fail to finish the program.


cvsu thesis sample

Skinner personal communication, February 12, claimed …. No difference exists between the perceptions of academic and non-academic personnel on the level of acceptability concerning the duration for the release of appointment papers. Thus, the null hypothesis is accepted. There is no difference in the perceptions of the two personnel groups when it comes to the acceptability of this HRM practice along personnel development.

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The human resource practices of the University on recruitment and selection and personnel development should be maintained, if not enhanced, for the University to continue to attract, recruit and retain capable, competent and highly educated personnel. Academic and Non-academic Personnel.

Journals and Publications Earle, R. Every department or agency shall therefore establish a continuing program for career and personnel development for all csu personnel at all levels and shall create an environment or work climate conducive to the development of personnel skills, talents and values for better service samplee The remaining 25 respondents, however, said there is none.

This method provided both the qualitative and quantitative description of the general characteristics of the groups under study. This was done for structural or sampling zeroes. Test statistics for the non-academic group with a weighted mean of 3. The last problem is an allegation that is hard to prove for the reason that institutions such as CvSU use standard evaluating procedures and instruments, tested and validated by experts on such field.

British Journal of General Practice, 41,