The Candidate may not request an embargo once the thesis or dissertation has been sent to ProQuest for processing. As long as you have not yet turned in your GS form, you will still have the opportunity to make changes to your manuscript. Candidates should be aware of all deadlines when scheduling a meeting with their assigned Reviewer. The candidate’s department or program usually recommends that the thesis, project report, or dissertation follow the guidelines laid out in a specific style manual. Not knowing is not an excuse! Jump to navigation Skip to content. The deadline to submit the embargo form is the same as for the GS

The final version of your manuscript uploaded to ProQuest at the time of your “Accepted” email will be the version available in the Cal State LA Library Digital Repository and in any hardcopies that you order from ProQuest. If a master’s Candidate wishes to make the thesis or project report available to the public, they may select “Open Access Publishing PLUS” and pay the required fee. Only figures may be rendered in color, not tables. Before creating the PDF. If text-based or visual supplementary materials, such as computer code and spreadsheets, are part of your dissertation or thesis, please add them to the PDF of your manuscript. Award criteria include a project description, two letters of recommendation, and willingness to provide a brief presentation of the project at the ARF’s annual awards brunch. Student must have selected the completion of a thesis or project for their graduate degree.

Title Page The candidate’s first and last names listed on the Title page, Copyright page, Approval page, and Abstract thwsis be identical to what is listed on their official Cal State LA records; the candidate may decide whether or not to include their middle name or initial. Candidates are advised to create an account on ProQuest well in advance of the final deadline. If the Committee has requested edits to content, this is the final day to submit the edited dissertation to the ProQuest ETD Administrator website.


If a final defense or equivalent presentation is required as part of the student’s culminating project, the defense must be completed by the last Friday of the semester same deadline as GS submission.

Upload to ProQuest ETD Administrator | Cal State LA

Pages of the main text are numbered using standard Arabic numerals. Jump to navigation Skip to cdula. Enrollment in UNIV provides the student with very limited access to Cal State LA facilities and no access to student employment or student funding. The month and year listed on the Title page and Approval page will correspond to the last month and year of the semester in which the thesis, project report, or dissertation is filed with the University e.

Cal State LA does not accept supplemental files. Applications accepted at any time until positions are filled. Candidates are encouraged to notify their Reviewer of any tweaks to format or style that the Committee has requested. Deadline to upload complete draft of thesis for official review. Candidates who have changed their name during their thesiis at Cal State LA but have not registered this change with the campus should pay special attention to their name on record.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines

Will perform clerical or other routine tasks for the Office of Graduate Studies as needed. Once all corrections are made, the Candidate will receive an email confirming that the deadoines or dissertation has cleared all checks. Before creating the PDF.

The determining factors for the award are based on a record of distinguished scholarship, a minimum GPA of 3. Check with your department or college for their requirements around the proprosal. In addition, candidates completing the thesis or dissertation during summer must have each member of their committee email Dr. See Graduation Office website for further information, including fees.


As a University dedicated to engagement, service and the public good, the successful candidate will be deadlined to join faculty, staff, students and administrators in a commitment to these purposes. Reviewers deadliens be available to help with last-minute troubleshooting and formatting issues.

csula thesis deadlines

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines. The Candidate is permitted to make additional edits to the thesis or dissertation at this point up until they submit GS form to the Office of Graduate Studies; a final draft must be uploaded by the GS submission deadline. Allow approximately 1 hour to complete the upload and submission process.

See Submission page for further information. The fee for this course is much reduced from the full-time semester enrollment fee. You may not gather data until you have received approval. Current workshop dates and past presentations are available on the Workshops page. There is no limit to how often a Candidate consults with a Reviewer; however, Candidates are advised to schedule appointments well in advance as Reviewers’ schedules fill quickly near the end of the term.

Graduate Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Guidelines. Typing of the document is double spaced.

Graduate Student Awards

Suggested edits from the preliminary review will be incorporated into this draft. Jump to navigation Skip to content. Failure to meet the published deadlines will result in the assessment of a late fee.

csula thesis deadlines

We understand that UCLA’s deadlines may vary.