MGT — Financial Management. MGT — Principles of Management. CS — Software Project Management. What is the difference between a unicast, multicast, and broadcast address? CS — Software Engineering — 1. PSY — Experimental Psychology. CS — Compiler Construction.

T lines are designed for Digital data how they can be used for Analog Transmission? PSY — Abnormal Psychology. MTH — Operations Research. HRM — Conflict Management. The advantages of thin Ethernet are: This is the opposite of a multiplexer which creates one high speed link from multiple low speed ones.

MKT — Marketing Management. Asynchronous time-division multiplexing ATDM is a method of sending information that resembles normal TDM, except that time slots are allocated as needed 0213 rather than preassigned to specific transmitters. For Teacher’s Use Only.

One TDM frame consists of one timeslot per sub-channel. CS — Data Structures. FIN — Taxation Management. PSY — Clinical Psychology. CS — Computer Graphics.

cs601 final term paper 2013

MGT — Principles of Management. STA — Research Methods.


CS601 Data Communication Midterm and Final Term Papers

ENG — Elementary English. PSY — Cognitive Psychology. Newer Post Older Post Home. MTH — Operations Research.

cs601 final term paper 2013

MCM — Theories of Communication. CS — Introduction to Computing.

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Posted by Unknown at 4: CS — Visual Programming. CS — Advance Computer Architecture. A sample byte or data block of sub-channel 1 is transmitted during flnal 1, sub-channel 2 during timeslot 2, etc.

This type of transmission is used to establish communication with another host, and for DHCP type methods of assigning IP addresses. If the intended data unit is intact, total value found by adding the data segments and the checksum field should be zero. Which error detection method can detect a single-bit error? Or it can lease several separate channels of lower data rates. PSY — Introduction to Psychology. CS — Software Project Tem.


ACC — Business Finance. CS — Introduction to Programming. Voice can be sent over any of these channels. MCM — Communication Skills. MKT — Brand Management. This is the opposite of a multiplexer which creates one high speed fina, from multiple low speed ones. SOC — Introduction to Sociology. T Lines are digital lines designed for digital data however; they can also be used for analog transmission Telephone connections.


PAK — Pakistan Studies. PSY — Personality Psychology.