It portrays that education is the only key to learn about manner, culture, and knowledge in any multiple subjects. There innocent and over loyal people should get some lesson from this speech about what to do to get freedom and rights. Do only kids watch too much TV, what about adults and elders? In the story, when the writer warned to Shep, Shep did not bark the writer from that time. The message of myths was that we should behave ourselves and know ourselves and that we must be guided by our nature. The death could not discourage them from establishing democracy in the country. They must defy even the god if he is not good.

Somehow, the sign had changed: But this speech made me feel regret for what I have done. I had to face the bitter criticism of my class teacher. Fifthly, it is said that T. Along with it she argues that if the government provides the salaries to all housewives, they can spend maximum time with their kids and they can give more time to care and interact etc. Walking or yoga may make us free from stress in a better way.

Education is a symbol of freedom and right.

A 1996 Commencement Speech – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

In that Island, they found a strange stone with shining one side. But after reading this story, I knew that animals do have unique personalities like human beings.

But the speaker of the poem has shown Death as a beautiful lady. There can be other way of taking spdech like reading, singing, playing musical instrument, storytelling etc.


speeh The boatman anchored that ship Still some disagreeable points can be raised here. It gives us fruits and flowers as if our mother cares us.

This philosophy for personal rights and freedom is ok. I don’t think so and don’t agree with him that defying is the only 9196 of getting freedom. Finally, Rushdie advised the graduates not to bow their heads, not to know their place, and defy the gods and be guided by better nature.

Otherwise, no value system of higher education could be substantiated unless the individuals resigns himself to the established principles handed down as the legacy from the long past in a way of giving credit to those who paved the course for the development of educated culture.

critical thinking of a 1996 commencement speech by salman rushdie

I always stand for the freedom of the human beings. As the quality of science fictions I got some beneficial points.

critical thinking of a 1996 commencement speech by salman rushdie

Then he records their sojourn into the island’s interior. Upon their return to the present the group finds that the world has been drastically altered by the seemingly innocuous death of a pre-historic butterfly.

He consoled her by saying that his father htinking a good natured man and that one day all would be right.

BBS / BA / BSW (Tribhuvan University) Notes: A Commencement Speech (Salman Rushdie)

If the kids are suggested to watch the creative and positive programs, that really becomes beneficiary to them. This was the message he delivered from the parables rrushdie unknown Gravy bomber, the vetoed foot wear and the unsteady Vice-Chancellor upon his throne which he wanted to pass on to them that day. All the old traditions and trends should be replaced by new and progressive ones. Can the children learn to write looking television programs?


critical thinking of a 1996 commencement speech by salman rushdie

A few nights before his graduation day, someone hurled bucketful gravy of onions all over the walls and furniture in his room. So the habit of watching TV is part of the problem for sleeping not the solution.

So, educated people must challenge the wrong ideas. Walking or yoga may make us free from stress in a better way. Soeech tried to persuade his son Nnaemeka not to marry with Nene.

A Commencement Speech – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales – Ebook

How can a seriously ill cow gallop? Here the private marriage life of Nene and Nnaemeka is shown as one of the happier and joyful life. So, some of the points which are described in this story makes me disagree.

Thinkong, the sign had changed: These rich people who are considered tycoon are using T. Can defiance always become constructive tool to freedom? He is so sick of the system that takes the university management as a means of control over human liberty. Here the writer wants to suggest that we should be careful, qualified and independent then personal choice of marriage crirical be the best example of marriage to live happily.

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