Your responses, of course, must illustrate the K-W-I-C technique. In longer passages, such as the one I am about to show you, you can still improve your comprehension, storage, and retrieval of information by reducing a dense passage to its most critical components. It works well as an energizer Application: Encourage class members to do the same. Once he or she receives a reply to this one question, he or she can respond to it without interrogative statements.

Handout one for each participant. Always competitive in sales, they were equally competitive in their sports pursuits. Critical thinkers use both types of thinking, depending on the demands of the situation. What changes in attitude have we undergone as a nation? Which improvement would have the best payoff? If it is a course in supervision, for example, the words in the left column might be People, Processes, Profits, Quality, Customers, and Communications. Then distribute Handout

Civil rights invented America. Then distribute Handout A recent study reported in the September issue of Solutions, page 11 revealed the primary reason why corporate managers are terminated. If they multiply that number by the number of minutes during which they have spoken, others have spoken, a video was presented, or material was read, thousands and thousands of words have entered their minds in a single day.

Explain that you are going to ask ten criticzl. What behaviors are rewarded in your organization? He or she allows others to take leadership positions as the occasion warrants.


Lab Report Template Lab report rubric. To develop the skill of being able to move fluidly between two elements and make connections between things that seem to have no connection at all, you only need to practice. The ability to find patterns and understand how and what trends may be emerging is particularly prized when change is the order of the day. Plants Flower Coloring – color the parts of a flower; stamen, pistil, ovary, petals Leaf Coloring – color structures; xylem, phloem, bundle sheath, epidermis.


Have paper and pencils available in case they are needed. If you or another facilitator is familiar with the administration of the Myers-Briggs personality tests, allow time for participants to take the tests and then worksneet study the results. Think of times when other people shared similar information with you.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Note that they posit a potential problem in the! As we reach for a new, higher level of understanding, we are assimilating what is given with what has already been obtained, and creating a new direction in which the new elements can logically move. Despite the plethora of problems confronting us on a daily basis, few of us have had formal training in problem-solving.

Read the following aloud: The Procedure is a sequential listing of the steps to be followed as the activity is conducted.

Speak with the editor of the company newsletter about holding a monthly contest with organization-specific categories for the matrix. What would you do differently the workshet time? They are really not certain what they can expect. I have removed three letters from the front of the word and three letters from the end of the word.



The interview process has changed, as has every other process in the world of business. I am going to flash it very quickly, so you will have to skip over most of the words and let only the truly important words penetrate your consciousness. After ten minutes, share the answers, which are: You may choose diagra give a handout to each team member just before he or she speaks in order to prevent advance preparation.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Divide the class into teams of three or four. Hasty reactions unaccompanied by deliberate thought can have disastrous results at both personal and corporate levels. At first, only half of the participants will receive the worksheet. Why or why not?

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Ask participants to put on or at least select the shoes of some other person, as you look for a pair that fits you. Think about your own thinklng area.

Give a K-W-I-C assignment periodically as the training progresses. What values have remained constants in your life since you first acquired thinkig Post the contributions along a wall. The next week, the two should switch positions.