Just try to get a job, any job. Is a call prudent in this case? I just sent a cover letter recently to an employer. Thank you for any advice you may provide Leslie! A new position opened up at my company. Therefore I will get more updates on what you have to say. Personally, if all website homeowners and bloggers made good content material as you did, the web will likely be much more useful than ever before.

Content is not continuously monitored. But right now i have been called by EY to come for an interview. Thank you for any advice you may provide Leslie! My perfectionist nature would not allow me to overlook the fact that the resume I submitted contained a small mistake. The first time, for its message. Nov 29, –

Leslie being part of journalism and running my own news blog, I have to keep reminding editors of keeping a close eye on such mistakes in their writing. And not just any old cover letter. I want to say that they are the best way to share information in all I am so happy to read this post I like it and I like it very much thanks for this sharing Posted by: Letter don’t get two bites at the cherry for that one.

Bluetea in Texas 82 months ago.

Did You Make a Mistake on a Resume? Here’s How to Handle It Like a Pro

Each case deserves consideration on its own and asks for a different approach. Whereas some of them can get your resume thrown in a trash, other ones will easily go unnoticed.


cover letter typo resend

From the tons of comments on your posts Posted by: I want to send an apology and an updated version to my manager and hope he accepts? Can’t believe this actually happened Ugh this just happened to me on Friday Please, help me out with this. My keyboard k key didnt work. Following the advice that it’s best to avoid “To whom it may concern” I called the company to get the appropriate person’s name and they gave me incorrect information.

cover letter typo resend

Here is an updated copy of the resume I sent you last [day of the week], expressing my interest in [job title]. It will only draw attention to your mistake.

cover letter typo resend

That seems fair to me as I avidly proofread this post Have you ever discovered a typo in your cover letter or resume? I don’t bother with them anymore Reply. You found errors in your resume after sending it to an Also, I in the body of my email, I wrote.

The second time, to ferret out misspellings, typos, punctuation problems, etc.

Job search mistakes — how to recover – CNN. I am applying for a position in another european country than mine. Should I email them?

You’ve discovered a typo in your cover letter; now what do you do?

The perfect job is the one you end up landing. They wrote back within minutes and had re-opened the application so I could attach the new file. Bill in Kansas City, Missouri. Or, did you accidentally address the entire cover letter to the wrong company?


Investor Guy in San Francisco, California. Thanks for the article Leslie. Will this result in my resume getting thrown or shredded? A typo in one of these documents translates to the person didn’t care enough about the job to proof what they sent in. I frantically typed, ‘what to do if you just spotted a typo in your email cover letter’ on google the moment I reviewed my sent email cover letter.

All cover letters clearly define why you are Avoid this letger by having several peers review typi document before you send it.

Should I contact him and apologize for my typo and ask him what time again or should I just follow up to ask him if Friday still works and please let me know effectively correcting the error without spelling it out or have I blown it?