You can enter online for the November exams from 1 More information. Also look out for the icon that highlights our processes for Cambridge Associates and their Centres. We will send your attendance registers and bar-coded labels for timetabled examinations at the end of April. Deadline for Cambridge to receive forecast grades for the June series. Future examination series To order extra copies of the Syllabus and Support Materials disc contact our Customer Services team.

Please store securely any practical question paper materials and instructions you receive until the relevant examination. There is an administrative fee for any requests to amend candidate names received after 15 September November series The deadline date for all entries is 21 September At the beginning of October, teachers have to send us their Nomination of Oral Examiner Forms for speaking tests in Cambridge International AS and A Level languages other than English. Entries, entry details and late entries 5. This is the latest date artwork should arrive at Cambridge. Examination series in Please let our Customer Services team know, in writing, if you are planning to enter candidates for any additional qualifications in the June or November series. We will charge late entry fees for entries and amendments after this date.

Please note the following information: Where possible please make sure artwork arrives before this date. UK fees 1st August 31st July Entry and registration deadlines for Our entry deadlines and late fee dates are listed. Sometimes, it can be challenging to remember what needs to happen when.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

These corsework based on your final entries. Other activities to think about in May June series Collect and keep all question papers in a secure place for 24 hours after the examination has finished or after the Key Time, whichever is later. Monthly diaries January December The monthly diaries show the dates we send information to, and need to receive information from Cambridge Associates and Cambridge International Schools.


You send 30 Deadline for forecast grades.

Cambridge IGCSE English – First Language ()

Getting Started A guide for exams officers. Data files for Cambridge Associates will be available on 7 April to allow time to distribute to Associate Centres.

We call this the Cambridge Exams Cycle. Pre-exam despatch for the November series examination stationery, administrative documents, xoursework labels, envelopes, bar-coded labels and attendance registers. We run two exam series a year, known as the June series and the November series, so many of our exams officers are managing cpursework processes for different series at the same time.

We will charge an extra administrative fee for any changes we receive after this date. We send 22 Entries confirmation pack throughout September.

Exam Series Key Dates and Activities

Send your scripts to us, excluding Cambridge Pre-U scripts which we collect, as soon as you can after the examination. It answers some of the practical questions you have been asking about delivering the More information.

Each box in the flow chart below corresponds to a section in this Guide. Deadline for Cambridge to receive estimated entries for the June series. Deadline for electronic submission of externally assessed coursework for the June series for: Final timetable, also available via CIE Direct. Have you just got coufsework More information.


New or updated information Highlights new or updated information so you know what has changed from last year. For further information please see Part 5 of courseworo guide.

We will send your attendance registers and bar-coded labels for timetabled examinations at the end of April. Go to our other sites. There were ten year rolling periods from January More information.

Key dates and activities

Syllabus changes UK schools September September This annual update provides advance notification of changes to syllabuses. Mid June End of examination period.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

Extra guidance Look out for the Extra guidance icon highlighting the extra support we provide for each phase of the exams cycle, for example, online tutorials or how to guides. August Date June series November series Cambridge Pre-U We send 1 Cambridge Exams Officer enewsletter containing dexdlines the dates and deadlines for the tasks you need daedlines complete this month. Time should be approved no later than. A guide for UK schools: There are no updates for this syllabus.

cie 0522 coursework deadlines

Examination series in Please let our Customer Services team know, in writing, if you are planning to enter candidates for xoursework additional qualifications in the June or November series.