The Akosombo Dam and other dams of the Volta River Hydro Development Project increased substantially the conditions for the spread of schistosomiasis. The changes in the river hydrology have altered the local heat budget which has caused microclimatic changes such as decreasing rain and higher mean monthly temperatures. Lucia Project a multi-year comparison trial of schistosomiasis control strategie,s “Water and Sanitation-Related Diseases and the Changing Environment: Akosombo Dam, Volta River, Ghana. The construction of the dam on the Volta river led to the formation of the new Volta Lake with a Reservior area of about square miles km2 , 3.

Valco does not always buy Ghanaian Bauxite though, it often sources its bauxite from Jamaica. The first step in the implementation was the use of chemotherapy, administration of drugs for treating infected members of the communities. The financial capital to establish the farms by the local people was not a major constraint. What case studies are there of their work and how successful do you think they are? The dam is owned and run by the Volta River Authority, an agency of the government of Ghana. They ran perpendicular to the main waterway.

More than half the women who head households in rural areas are among the poorest 20 per cent of the population. Photograph by NASA from Wikipedia The impoundment of the river at the two sites, at Akosombo and Kpong, caused an alteration of the existing ecological and biophysical processes in the river basin such as: The dam provides electricity to Ghana and akodombo neighboring West African countries, including Togo and Benin.

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Watch the videos at the base of the page and DECIDE which type of aid you prefer – big projects or intermediate technology Try the dustbin game at the bottom of the page. Research this site, what need is there for improving water resources in Ghana? This is becoming less often as there has been studg noticeabl e drop in lake levels.


The Preparatory Commission —under Commander R. One example in Ghana is that wind power is being developed to help provide rural communities with electricity and this effort is led by two non-profit organizations, Enterprise Works Ghana and Rural Energy and Environment Systems.

case study akosombo dam

River fishing, Creek fishing and, Clam picking an activity predominantly controlled by women. The combined power output of the two dams has since sustained the nation’s domestic and industrial power needs.

Snails, which crawl over weeds for support and nourishment, are eliminated when the weeds are cleared, thus reducing the density of the snail. About six in ten small-scale farmers akosombi poor, and many are women.

The point of connection between the short canals and the main water channel could be closed and opened at will. Image courtesy of ZSM. Sir Alexander Siemens Civil Engineer. This project was a partial success. The Akosombo Dam on the Volta River was built in to enhance and accelerate economic growth of the newly independent state, Ghana. Photograph author Allison Stillwell from Wikipedia.

case study akosombo dam

Breakdown of cultural and social values leading to prostitution and an increased crime rate in the affected communities. These concerns were for the areas behind the proposed dam, the on-site dam area, and the area below the dam. The problem of bilharzias in the lake basin is therefore seen as a disease, which embraces the lake and the entire Volta Delta.

A scientific officer demonstrating a management principle of shrimp farming to community members in the project area. See how your studies lead to a civil engineering career The job you end up with in civil engineering is likely to link back to what you studied at school, college or university.

case study akosombo dam

The construction of the two dams on the Volta River accelerated the proliferation of these snails in the lake area, on the head pond and in the Lower Volta. The video reveals what life is like for the rural poor in and around the town of Tamale in Northern Ghana. Chiefs and youth leaders in the fishing communities were entrusted with the responsibility of organising dxm local people to participate in this project of weed control.


It sits on the prime of Greenwich Meridian so is there fore on the same time zone as the UK. The Commission recommended a comprehensive environmental and feasibility study to ensure an integrated programme for the best interest of the people, akosomo environment and the economy. Health education was to help the communities change the social and cultural habits which encouraged transmission of the infection. What did this project achieve?

WaterAid are trying to invest in pumps to correct this major problem, and you can find out how here.


Ghana also has a varied climate, with Tropical forests in the South West were the South Westerly prevailing wind brings lots of rainfall to this region. Each spillway contains six The low level of education of the inhabitants of the local akosombk made it difficult for them to appreciate the technicalities involved in the methods used in shrimp farming. It could not be counted as a complete success because, when left on their own, the local people could not sustain the various project components.

Reservoir-induced seismicity has been recorded due to the crustal re-adjustments from the caae weight of the water within Lake Volta. Sir Joseph Bazalgette Civil Engineer.