He was too busy making sure that Harley gets to live with them he didn’t think what was going to happen to him. Finish your paper faster. A Bridge to Wisemans Cove. Find a quote that shows Carl knew they would not be returning home in the near future. Subscribe to this RSS feed. He thinks because his last name is Matt bad stuff happens. When he wants to, he can make every girl in town feel fantastic.

So that he had money when his mum goes away. Answer all questions in full sentences in your workbook after you have read the chapter. How does Carl prevent Beryl calling Social Security? Everyone except you, Jus. Even though in the beginning Skip is very, judgemental he evolves throughout the duration of the novel. Explain what she means in your own words. Save your essays here so you can locate

Joy is Maddie’s mum.

‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ by James Moloney Essay

What was her reaction and why would Carl be hurt by it? Carl wasn’t with Harley at the time.

She is more confident and doesn’t care as much of what she looked gridge. Kev suspects that Skip did it. What does Carl help Joy build? Harley is chained up and can’t get out. Suspect that his mum isn’t coming back home.


Acts the same as well.

bridge to wisemans cove essay questions

What is revealed about Harley when he insists that Carl had the first piece of the cake he made? The search clve are looking for a dead body.

bridge to wisemans cove essay questions

She has married 3 times and each child have a different father. She didn’t abandon Carl and his brother.

He doesn’t want to leave Beryl and Harley. Harley What is Harley accused of doing? Find a quote that shows Sarah did not appreciate his efforts. He is also in charge of the questilns barge.

Bridge to wiseman’s cove essay questions

Carl Matt experiences many life altering changes throughout the novel. You just pick one off the tree and take a bite. Explain in your own words why Beryl blames Carl for Bruce rejecting her and what it has to do with the Wattle Lady.

The last of the Matts. How does Bruce compare girls to fruit? One looks more modern and is painted yellow with a green stripe and has ‘Wattle Lady’ written on it.

Anne Frank and the Holocaust. She hasn’t prepared anything for her nephews. She has a bad attitude and thinks that everyone loves her. Why does Beryl think it is strange for the Duncans to want a Matt to live with them?


Questions – The Wattles – 9B-Eric Armstrong

More people are coming to the Red barge because they are cleaning the bottoms of their cars. I might contradict myself, Why is Kev Bally looking for Bruce? Carl doesn’t know whether his mum loves him or is going to come back for him and Harley. Wattle Beach Why was Carl disappointed when he followed the beautiful girl on to the beach? What proposal do Joy and Skip make regarding Harley? Wave them towards their barge.

Explain what she means in your own words. Ticks suck the blood out of brdige only she is saying he sucks the misery out of people.

bridge to wisemans cove essay questions

He feels comforable working there.