I remember all of the names he listed and would add that John Latter was the same year as us but was in the A stream while we were B. Jack passed away about 18 months ago. The rifle was of course unloaded!. I believe he was a twin, and like several other twins I have known since was intensely ambitious. Colin Martyn, San Diego.

To Merlin Stone — yes Clare is my aunt! A great morning canoeing was had by all……. If you are in an outside area when the siren sounds, you must go to the nearest assembly point. Post a comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here From the boarding house: She believed that if the policy is in place for crowd control then members of the general public should be asked to queue as well. The Entry process for summer examinations begins in January , but there is an internal deadline for re-sits of 22 November

Great to find this site and to see all the names I remember. No-one owned a car in let alone had even thought about university. I still have it, and I still listen to it from time to time. Mr Dickson I remember as a cricket fanatic which we turned to our advantage.

Then there was Mr McClaine the Housemaster of Marshall house another gentleman and very fair Can anybody remember the teacher Rodney Stone and then spending time looking on the old school photos to see him as a pupil in early years? On the subject of old school photographs, I actually got out my copies and last night to show my son who had just had taken part in his school photo. Marshall, to whom a plaque has been erected on the adjacent 79 Buckingham Road. I would like to hear from the Wilton brothers and The St Johns.


Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket

I believe he also ran a highly-regarded boys club over Patcham way. If anyone does remember me, please say, as I have felt rather left out. You can find more information on Attendance and Absence via this link: The list is endless.

Additionally, he helped me to achieve a decent Higher Cert in Maths. Indeed looking at this list, I think the common capacity of all of them was the ability to find something positive in even the most sloppy pupils, among whom I am now ashamed to say I was one.

I have both the and school photographs which I have scanned.

bhasvic summer homework

If you lose any items, please go to Reception where they may have been handed in. I have a feeling that the course was really supposed to be about Church architecture and was an alternative to more formal lessons in RI for those of us who were less religiously inclined? He must have been our JB from school, of fond memory, and much appreciated as a form master and Latin tutor.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Can clearly recall the School Corps, marching to the Corps of Drums on the school field and various of the other events that day. I lost an eye in form 3 but the idiots still put me in to the CCF but not for bhzsvic as I was a marching hazard.

Controversial Policy Forces Students to Queue for Supermarket – The Buzz

We hold a wide selection of books, including your textbooks, revision guides, and hundreds of books to read around your subjects. A reminder that I have electronic copies in high resolution of the school photograph for anybody wanting copies. That said, I loved him to bits.


The VLE can be accessed from the college website and from home, with your usual college log-in name and password. Why not have everyone queue during peak times? Perhaps I can call on him to send me a copy as mine is struggling in the test of time. Progression Exam results References July: I seem to have problems connecting to you, please try to send 66 photo to alantaylor54 hotmail.

I so remember bbasvic going from one classroom to another through hmework small doors at the back of the rooms on the first floor overlooking the hall during a lesson by Summre Dim Jim. This involved the manual transport of two heavy wood-framed canvas-covered canoes from the CCF store to the beach.

I am trying to track down a photograph I remember hung in the gymn of the First Eleven football team — of which I was a member.

bhasvic summer homework

I mention this because some time later I met someone who had been at the school when Stan had just arrived. Anniversary Reunion tomorrow 4th.

Cash dispenser Situated in the main building reception.

I came across Harry Brogden several years later on a local golf course and I took great pleasure in knowing that I could have given him 10 shots, which is one more than he gave me!